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J.A. Moad II is a former Air Force C-130 pilot with over 3000 flight hours and 100 combat sorties. He served as an English Professor at the United States Air Force Academy and as a fiction editor for the War, Literature & the Arts Journal (WLA). He writes online essays for WLA and is engaged in a program to make October Veterans' Voices Month across the country. His short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, including winning the 2014 Consequences Magazine Fiction Award. In addition to writing, he has performed on stage at the Library of Congress and The Guthrie Theater as part of the Telling Project - giving a voice to the Veteran experience. He currently resides in Northfield, MN where he flies for Delta Airlines and is editing on a novel about an American military in a not too-distant future.

Building a Community of Veteran Voices – an interview with Seth Brady Tucker

It’s been a year since the Governor of Minnesota signed a bill designating October as Veterans’ Voices month, and in that time, I’ve become acquainted with more and more Veteran writers across the country. It was a good year. Not … Continue reading

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The Voices of Conflict

In honor of the first official Veterans’ Voices Month, I’ve updated and expanded the list of War Literature Books here at WLA (see link). The more I’ve worked to piece together this list from a variety of readers, writers, and … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Voices Month

Last Memorial Day, Sebastian Junger called on Veterans across the nation to go out and tell their stories. He proposed this as a step toward sharing “the moral burden of war”—a means of reaching out to the ninety-nine percent who’ve … Continue reading

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Reading, Writing and Talking War – Are We Ready?

 I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s encouraged me and lent their time, energy and wisdom to help get this project off the ground. I decided to entitle the initiative, Reading, Writing and Talking War. I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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War Literature Books – A List of Ninety-Nine and Then Some…

***  Updated List – June 8 2015 *** Greetings All, So, here it is, a list of War Literature books I’ve come up with over the last few months… or rather, a list I’ve been developing for years.  I had this … Continue reading

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An End to Silence – A Call to Act

In March, as the ten-year anniversary of the Iraq War rolled around, I felt a sense of obligation to write about the event. Considering that the repercussions of the war continue to resonate across our nation and the globe (and … Continue reading

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Inside Combat Rescue

Greetings All, I’ve been busy working on other projects over the last few months, and have asked a few former colleagues to help out with the blog.  Here’s a great piece by Brandon Lingle. “War is hell, but that’s not … Continue reading

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Last month I was reading Tim O’Brien’s novel, In The Lake of the Woods, when I was asked to be on a panel as part of IMPACT 2012—a summer festival of performance art in New York City.  Dedicated to the … Continue reading

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Thank You

It’s taken me too long to write about the Arts & Military Healing Conference in D.C.  I’ve been home for a week, and now it’s Memorial Day weekend, and I’m on the road—working—flying people across the country instead of sitting … Continue reading

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