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41_1Critical Essay Mark A. HeberleCorrespondent Visions of VietnamMarkAHeberle.pdf
51_1Critical Essay Charles J. GasparThe Search for Closure: Vietnam War Literature and the Vietnam Veterans MemorialCharlesJGaspar.pdf
61_1Critical Essay Christopher AmesWar and Festivity in Gravity’s RainbowChristopherAmes.pdf
71_1Critical Essay James SeatonThomas Mann’s Wartime ReflectionsJamesSeaton.pdf
81_1Critical Essay Michael C.C. AdamsHastings and Roland: The Triumph of the Mounted KnightMichaelCCAdams.pdf
91_1Critical Essay Michele M. SordiGrain and Glory: Eating Practices in Homer’s Iliad MicheleMSordi.pdf
101_2Critical Essay Perry D. LuckettThe Black Soldier in Vietnam War Literature and FilmPerryDLuckett.pdf
111_2Critical Essay David M. CraigJoseph Heller’s “ ‘Catch-22’ Revisited”DavidMCraig.pdf
121_2Critical Essay Earl R. AndersonWarrior-Bishops in La Chanson de Roland and Poema de mioEarlAAnderson.pdf
131_2Critical Essay John Newman and Julie WesslingVietnam War Literature: a guide to resources at Colorado State UniversityJohnNewmanandJulieWessling.pdf
141_2Poetry  Alfred KernBarcelonaAlfredKern.pdf
152_1Critical Essay Joan F. AdkinsSacrifice and Dehumanization in Plievier’s StalingradJoanFAdkins.pdf
162_1Critical Essay Peter C. RollinsHistorical Interpretation or Ambush Journalism?  CBS vs Westmoreland in The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception (1982)PeterCRollins.pdf
172_1Critical Essay Alex A. VardamisRandall Jarrell’s Poetry of Aerial WarfareAlexAVardamis.pdf
182_2Critical Essay Don KunzOliver Stone’s Film Adaptation of Born on the Fourth of July: Redefining Masculine HeroismDonKunz.pdf
192_2Critical Essay Joseph S. Meisel The Germans are Coming! British Fiction of a German Invasion 1871-1913 JosephSMeisel.pdf
202_2Artwork  Roger PrestonThe Artist and the HolocaustRogerPreston.pdf
213_1Critical Essay James GriffithA Walk Through History: Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato JamesGriffith.pdf
223_1Critical Essay Kevin D. FosterSignifying the Wasteland: Selling the “Falklands War”KevinDFoster.pdf
233_1Critical Essay Thomas DukesDesire Satisfied: War and Love in The Heat of the Day and Moon Tiger ThomasDukes.pdf
243_1Fiction  Robert MorganWatershedRobertMorgan.pdf
253_2Personal Essay  E.P. MotleyMemoirs of Six MonthsEPMotley.pdf
274_1Critical Essay Michael CardyThe Memoirs of Pierre Pouchot: A Soldier’s View of a Doomed CampaignMichaelCardy.pdf
284_1Critical Essay Constance A. BrownSevered Ears: An Image of the Vietnam WarConstanceABrown.pdf
294_1Critical Essay Steven KaplanThe Narrative Technique Used by Goethe to Portray War in the “Campaign in France”StevenKaplan.pdf
304_1Poetry  R.S. CarlsonCabrini’s Run—‘71 RSCarlson.pdf
314_2Critical Essay Cheryl A. ShellThe Foe in Sight: Discovering the Enemy in Donne’s Elegie XIXCherylAShell.pdf
324_2Critical Essay Donna ConnollySisters in ArmsDonnaConnolly.pdf
334_2Commentary  Crystal M. Jonas“Guernica”CrystalMJonas.pdf
344_2Artwork  Anne Wells LadowLines and Shadows AnneWellsLadow.pdf
354_2Poetry  Karen Alkalay-Gutfrom Between BombardmentsKarenAlkalay-Gut.pdf
365_1Critical Essay Greg GarrettJohn Huston’s The Battle of San PietroGregGarrett.pdf
375_1Critical Essay John S. BakyLiterary Resources of the Vietnam War JohnSBaky.pdf
385_1Interview  Elizabeth Drumwright“I’ll Have to go Down to Hell First”: A Saipanese WWII Veteran Recalls the WarElizabethDrumwright.pdf
395_1Poetry  G. S. Sharat ChandraGhazalsGSSharatChandra.pdf
405_1Poetry  Joseph T. CoxTo Send ForthJosephTCox.pdf
415_1Commentary   John MoranoCollier’s Magazine: Preview Of The War We Do Not WantJohnMorano.pdf
425_1Commentary  Anthony ArthurAvoiding Nostalgia: James Michener’s The Bridge at AndauAnthonyArthur.pdf
435_2Critical Essay Steven Trout“Glamorous Melancholy”: R. C. Sherriff’s Journey’s End StevenTrout.pdf
445_2Critical Essay Thomas G. Bowie, JrAn I for an eye: Edmund Blunden’s WarThomasGBowieJr..pdf
455_2Critical Essay Elizabeth A. MuengerWhitsun and Beyond: Continuing the Great WarElizabethAMuenger.pdf
465_2Poetry  Will HochmanNot Always Located in NicaraguaWillHochman.pdf
475_2Commentary  Tom F. BaldyReflections on the Great WarTomFBaldy.pdf
485_2Commentary  John Clark PrattWriting about Flying: A Pilot’s ViewJohnClarkPratt.pdf
496_1Critical Essay John GeryThe Atomic Test Poems of Paul ZimmerJohnGery.pdf
506_1Critical Essay David SeedMilitary Machines and Nuclear Accident: Burdick and Wheeler’s Fail-SafeDavidSeed.pdf
516_1Critical Essay Paul MacKenzieArtistic Truth, Historical Truth: The “Fraction” Film and the Falklands War PaulMacKenzie.pdf
526_1Commentary  David M. MazurowskiThe Life of a Bomber Co-Pilot DavidMMazurowski.pdf
536_1Commentary  Sheryl A. MylanLove in the Trenches: Images of Woman in Mailer’s The Naked and the DeadSherylAMylan.pdf
546_2Critical Essay David M. CraigFrom Avignon to Catch-22 DavidMCraig.pdf
556_2Interview  Brian C. McNerneyResponsibly Inventing History: An Interview with Tim O’BrienBrianCMcNerney.pdf
566_2Poetry  W.D. EhrhartMostly Nothing HappensWDEhrhart.pdf
576_2Poetry  Andrew BensonAll She Can Eat AndrewBenson.pdf
586_2Commentary  Philip K. JasonMissing Pieces: Versions and Visions of Vietnam POW/MIA in American CulturePhilipKJason.pdf
596_2Commentary  Rosemary P-Z ClarkRepresentations of the Resistance in World War II FranceRosemaryPZClark.pdf
607_1Critical Essay Michael W. SchaeferAmbrose Bierce on the Construction of Military HistoryMichaelWSchaefer.pdf
617_1Critical Essay Richard W. LempThe Wars Within the War in La Guerre, Yes Sir! RichardWLemp.pdf
627_1Critical Essay James H. MeredithThe Eyewitness Narrator in Hemingway’s Collier’s Dispatches and “Black Ass at the Cross Roads”JamesHMeredith.pdf
637_1Fiction Jerome MandelMothers JeromeMandel.pdf
647_1Fiction Julio Escoto (translated by Clark M. Zlotchew)RealityJulioEscoto.pdf
657_1Poetry  Joseph T. CoxMiles Standish Forest, Plymouth, Mass, 1934 JosephTCox.pdf
667_1Commentary  Alfred KernHang the Enola GayAlfredKern.pdf
677_2Personal Essay Robert MacGowanA Boatman’s Story RobertMacGowan.pdf
687_2Personal Essay Donald ClayShadow Warrior  DonaldClay.pdf
697_2Poetry  Robert PinskySerpent Knowledge RobertPinsky.pdf
707_2Poetry  David A. WillsonAlms for the BurnedDavidAWillson.pdf
717_2Poetry  Daniel TobinA Century DanielTobin.pdf
727_2Poetry  Joseph T. CoxShaman JosephTCox.pdf
737_2Commentary  Donald AndersonMcNamara’s Makeshift AmendsDonaldAnderson.pdf
747_2Commentary  Brian HanleyAchilles in VietnamBrianHanley.pdf
757_2Fiction Andre DubusFalling in LoveAndreDubus.pdf
767_2Fiction Alfred Kernfrom Vows and Infidelities  AlfredKern.pdf
778_1Critical Essay Milton A. CohenFatal Symbiosis: Modernism and World War IMiltonACohen.pdf
788_1Critical Essay William E. SheidleyGeorge Gascoigne and The Spoyle of Antwerpe (1576)WilliamEShieldley.pdf
798_1Critical Essay Thomas Bonner, Jr.Thomas Wolfe and the Civil WarThomasBonnerJr..pdf
808_1Critical Essay Stephen C. EnnissWriting War: John Dos Passos’ One Man’s InitiationStephenCEnniss.pdf
818_1Poetry  Wendy BishopBefore Wars WendyBishop.pdf
828_1Fiction  Charles ClercLOCKE-HAVEN AT LARGECharlesClerc.pdf
838_2Special Feature  W.D. EhrhartSelected Work by W.D. Ehrhart: The Summer I Learned to Dance (personal essay),  I Drink my Coffee Black (fiction), The Sergeant (poetry),  A BibliographyWDEhrhart.pdf
848_2Critical Essay  Lorrie SmithAgainst a Coming Extinction: W.D. Ehrhart and the Envolving Canon of Vietnam Veteran’s PoetryLorrieSmith.pdf
858_2Critical Essay  John Clark PrattTim O’Brien’s Re-imagination of Reality: An Exercise in MetafictionJohnClarkPratt.pdf
868_2Commentary  Donald AndersonDarkness Carried: W.D. Ehrhart’s MemoirsDonaldAnderson.pdf
878_2Commentary  Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.“Everyday I’m always on patrol”: Bill Ehrhart’s Journey Home ThomasGBowie, Jr..pdf
888_2Poetry  Karen Alkalay-GutTryolean VacationKarenAlkalayGut.pdf
898_2Poetry  H. Palmer HallLangourHPalmerHall.pdf
908_2Poetry  H. Palmer HallHospital VisitHPalmerHall.pdf
918_2Poetry  Vince GoteraThe Vietnam Vet Plays GyrussVinceGotera.pdf
928_2Poetry  Vince GoteraGulf War Haiku  VinceGotera.pdf
938_2Poetry  Ed MeekThe BombEdMeek.pdf
948_2Poetry  Ed MeekDuty EdMeek.pdf
958_2Poetry  Maggie JaffeFor Lewis B. Puller, Jr.MaggieJaffe.pdf
968_2Fiction Don KunzEchoes DonKunz.pdf
978_2Fiction Terry P. Rizzutifrom The Second Tour TerryPRizzuti.pdf
988_2Fiction Allen LearstPoint ManAllenLearst.pdf
998_2Interview Christopher D. CampbellReading, Writing, and Going to War: An interview with Clyde Edgerton ChristopherDCampbell.pdf
1008_2Interview Donald Anderson and Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.A Conversation with W.D. EhrhartConversationwithWDEhrhart.pdf
1019_1Critical Essay Jim ColvertFlying the Old Marauder Over Nazi GermanyJimColvert.pdf
1029_1Critical Essay George MonteiroPatriotism and Treason in A Farewell to ArmsGeorgeMonteiro.pdf
1039_1Critical Essay Ronald SmithNick Adams and Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderRonaldSmith.pdf
1049_1Critical Essay H. George HahnThe Progress of Patriotism and Biography: The Battle of Trafalgar in Southey’s The Life of NelsonHGeorgeHahn.pdf
1059_1Critical Essay Sara PooleFact, Fable, and the Fantastic: Approaches to the Novel of War in the Francophone Literature of AlgeriaSaraPoole.pdf
1069_1Critical Essay Douglas Sun“Whatever Else, I’d Loved It There Too”: Persuasive Strategy in Michael Herr’s DispatchesDouglasSun.pdf
1079_1Critical Essay Leslie HollandThe Bernard Fall Archives at the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, MALeslieHolland.pdf
1089_1Critical Essay John GetzHealing the Soldier in White: Ceremony as War NovelJohnGetz.pdf
1099_1Critical Essay Owen BradyBlackness and the Unmanning of America in Dave Rabe’s StreamersOwenBrady.pdf
1109_1Fiction  James Hughes MeredithClassics Revisited: Ambrose Bierce’s “Chickamauga”  with Introduction JamesHughesMeredith.pdf
1119_1Poetry Paul ElishaConversionPaulElisha.pdf
1129_1Poetry Paul ElishaKilling Time in BosniaPaulElisha.pdf
1139_1Poetry Paul ElishaParadoxPaulElisha.pdf
1149_1Poetry  Paul ElishaRemembering Leyte: “D” Day Quintennial-June 6, 1995 PaulElisha.pdf
1159_1Poetry Tony Moffeitnot about war TonyMoffeit.pdf
1169_1Poetry Maggie JaffeDegenerated Art Show 1937MaggieJaffe.pdf
1179_2Special Focus Issue W. D. EhrhartI Remember: Soldier-Poets of the Korean WarWDEhrhart.pdf
1189_2Special Focus Issue W. D. EhrhartForeword and Introductory Essay WDEhrhart.pdf
1199_2The Poets and the Poetry  William Childress WilliamChildress.pdf
1209_2The Poets and the Poetry  Rolando Hinojosa RonaldoHinojosa.pdf
1219_2The Poets and the Poetry  James Magner Jr. JamesManger, Jr..pdf
1229_2The Poets and the Poetry  Reg Saner RegSaner.pdf
1239_2The Poets and the Poetry  William Wantling WilliamWantling.pdf
1249_2The Poets and the Poetry  Keith Wilson KeithWilson.pdf
12510_1Special Feature  David Haven Blake, Special Feature EditorRichard Wilbur’s World War II PoetryDavidHavenBlake.pdf
12610_1Special Feature  Joseph T. CoxRichard Wilbur: An InterviewJosephTCox.pdf
12710_1Special Feature  Richard WilburItaly: MaineRichardWilbur.pdf
12810_1Special Feature  by John Lancaster and Jack W. C. HagstromRichard Wilbur’s Early Writing: Amherst College and World War IIJohnLancasterandJackWCHagstrom.pdf
12910_1Special Feature  Joseph T. Cox  “Versifying in Earnest”: Richard Wilbur’s War and His PoetryJosephTCox (2).pdf
13010_1Special Feature  Jewel Spears BrookerMind and World in Richard Wilbur’s War Poetry JewelSpearsBrooker.pdf
13110_1Poetry Carolyn Forché The ColonelCarolynForche.pdf
13210_1Poetry  John GeryLie #5: That Babe Ruth Pointed Out That Famous Homer JohnGery.pdf
13310_1Poetry John GeryOn the News of Our Foreign Intervention JohnGery.pdf
13410_1Poetry Tia Ballantine  A State of Grace in Another War Zone TiaBallantine.pdf
13510_1Poetry  Bill Lantry Dien Bien Phu BillLantry.pdf
13610_1Poetry  Rachel LodenClueless in ParadiseRachelLoden.pdf
13710_1Poetry Halvard JohnsonEtudes  HalvardJohnson.pdf
13810_1Poetry Halvard JohnsonAmerican’s Playing Slow-Pitch Softball at an Airbase Near Kunsan, South Korea HalvardJohnson.pdf
13910_1Poetry Ana DoinaEnd of a CenturyAnaDoina.pdf
14010_1Poetry R. S. CarlsonFootnote and DetailRSCarlson.pdf
14110_1Poetry Beth SimonBrian Explains His AnniversaryBethSimon.pdf
14210_1Poetry Daryl BachVerdunDarylBach.pdf
14310_1Poetry Colin MortonWomen on Her Way to MarketColinMorton.pdf
14410_1Poetry Gwyn McVayEntering War, Being LiteralGwynMcVay.pdf
14510_1Artwork  Maggie Jaffe  “The Camera is a Shield”: John Hoagland, Combat PhotographerMaggieJaffe.pdf
14610_1Special Feature Thomas G. McGuire, Special Feature EditorA Conversation with Paul WestThomasGMcGuire.pdf
14710_1Special Feature Paul WestThree Fictions PaulWest.pdf
14810_1Special Feature Thomas G. McGuireThe Face(s) of War in Paul West’s Fiction ThomasGMcGuire (2).pdf
14910_1Critical Essay  Verner D. MitchellAccommodation and Resistance in Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper’s The Colored Cadet at West Point(1878)VernerDMitchell.pdf
15010_1Critical Essay  Don Zimmerman  When Hamlet Meets the Bomb: The Poetry and Criticism of John Gery DonZimmerman.pdf
15110_1Critical Essay  Ann ReaganThe French Connection or How “Figaro” Saved the American RevolutionAnnReagan.pdf
15210_1Critical Essay  Paul R. CappucciDepicting the Oblique: Emily Dickinson’s Poetic ResponseTo the American Civil WarPaulRCappucci.pdf
15310_1Personal Essay  Jessie GatlinA-Bomb, a recollection JesseGatlin.pdf
15410_1Personal Essay  William R. WeirPublic Information, a memoirWilliamRWeir.pdf
15510_1Fiction  Don KunzMissingDonKunz.pdf
15610_1Recall Roster  D. A. BoxwellMary Borden, The Forbidden Zone, published in 1929DABoxwell.pdf
15710_2Introduction Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.This Thing Called Vietnam ThomasGBowie, Jr..pdf
15810_2Special Feature Verner D. MitchellRemembering Tet: A Conversation with Vietnam War Veteran PoetsVernerDMitchell.pdf
15910_2Poetry D. F. BrownPoetryDFBrown.pdf
16010_2Poetry W. D. EhrhartPoetryWDEhrhart.pdf
16110_2Poetry Dale RitterbuschPoetryDaleRitterbusch.pdf
16210_2Poetry John BalabanPoetryJohnBalaban.pdf
16310_2Poetry  by Will HochmanPoem Still Burning: A note for “The Teeth Mother Naked at Last” by Robert BlyWillHochman.pdf
16410_2Poetry   Robert BlyThe Teeth Mother Naked at Last RobertBly.pdf
16510_2Poetry   Philip Appleman“I Sing of Arms and the Man” introductory essay PhilipAppleman.pdf
16610_2Poetry  Philip ApplemanFive Poems, from Open DoorwaysPhilipAppleman.pdf
16710_2Artwork  John WolfeA Different Species of Time, introductory essayJohnWolfeADifferentSpecies.pdf
16810_2Artwork   John WolfeArtworkJohnWolfeArtwork.pdf
16910_2Critical Essay  Donald AndersonWar, Memory, ImaginationDonaldAnderson.pdf
17010_2Critical Essay  Alfred KernHumanities at the Hanoi HiltonAlfredKern.pdf
17110_2Critical Essay  Maureen Ryan  Pentagon Princess and Wayward Sister: Vietnam POW Wives in American Literature MaureenRyan.pdf
17210_2Critical Essay  Elizabeth A. MuengerSurviving the Hanoi Hilton ElizabethAMuenger.pdf
17310_2Critical Essay  Catherine Calloway“He’s not my son anymore!”: The Returning Veteran in Robert Bausch’s On the Way HomeCatherineCalloway.pdf
17410_2Critical Essay  Tran Van DinhA Lotus of Everlasting Fragrance: Nguyen Trai, 1380-1442 TranVanDinh.pdf
17510_2Critical Essay  William J. SearleDissident Voices: The NVA Experience in Novels by VietnameseWilliamJSearle.pdf
17610_2Critical Essay  Edward F. PalmBringing the War Home to the “Holler”: Teaching Vietnam for “Core” and Country EdwardFPalm.pdf
17710_2Critical Essay  Christopher D. CampbellConversation Across a Century: The War Stories of Ambrose Bierce and Tim O’Brien ChristopherDCampbell.pdf
17810_2Critical Essay  Farrell O’GormanThe Things They Carried as Composite NovelFarrellOGorman.pdf
17910_2Personal Essay  Jeff LoebEpiphany in MemphisJeffLoeb.pdf
18010_2Fiction  Terry P. Rizzutifrom Show Time TerryPRizzuti.pdf
18110_2Fiction  Robert MacGowanfrom The Indochina Safari RobertMacGowan.pdf
18210_2Interview  Jack M. ShuttleworthBound by Honor, introductory essayJackMShuttleworthBound byHonorAConversation.pdf
18310_2Interview Jack M. ShuttleworthA Conversation with Fredrick Kiley, co-author of Honor Bound: American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973JackMShuttleworthBound byHonorAConversation.pdf
18411_1Introduction  D.A. Boxwell“The Middle Generation” of American Poetry: Wars in the Private and Public Realms DABoxwellIntro.pdf
18511_1Special Feature  Steven Gould AxelrodThe Middle Generation and WWII: Jarrell, Shapiro, Brooks, Bishop, LowellStevenGouldAxelrod.pdf
18611_1Special Feature  Lorrie GoldensohnRandall Jarrell’s WarLorrieGoldensohn.pdf
18711_1Special Feature  Thomas TravisanoWars Civil and Uncivil: Family, Culture, and the Child in Lowell’s Poetry ThomasTravisano.pdf
18811_1Special Feature  Sandra BarryElizabeth Bishop and World War I SandraBarry.pdf
18911_1Special Feature  Gary Fountain  “Blinking My Flashlight Off and On”: Elizabeth Bishop’s Internal BattlefieldGaryFountain.pdf
19011_1Special Feature  Camille RomanWashington DC, 1949-1950: Bishop on WWII and The Cold War CamilleRoman.pdf
19111_1Special Feature  George MonteiroPoets On The BombGeorgeMonteiro.pdf
19211_1Fiction  Robert MorganThe WelcomeRobertMorgan.pdf
19311_1Poetry  Wendy BishopSoliloquy: An American Bride Remembers JapanWendyBishop.pdf
19411_1Poetry Wendy BishopV-MailWendyBishop.pdf
19511_1Poetry Wendy BishopSouvenirsWendyBishop.pdf
19611_1Poetry H. Palmer HallThe CollectorHPalmerHall.pdf
19711_1Poetry H. Palmer HallHad We A HistoryHPalmerHall.pdf
19811_1Poetry Jennifer WheelockWhy I Am Not A SaintJenniferWheelock.pdf
19911_1Poetry  Paul WoodruffWhere The Tune Was GoingPaulWoodruff.pdf
20011_1Poetry Keith WilsonThe Seventh WaveKeithWilson.pdf
20111_1Poetry Ana DoinaArcheology AnaDoina.pdf
20211_1Poetry Marianne PoloskeyHate MariannePoloskey.pdf
20311_1Poetry Marianne PoloskeyBuildingsMariannePoloskey.pdf
20411_1Poetry  Jacqueline St. JoanGlenn Miller Was MissingJacquelineStJoan.pdf
20511_1Poetry William ChildressParatroopers’ Night Out WilliamChildress.pdf
20611_1Critical Essay  D. Melissa HilbishAdvancing in Another Direction: The Comic Book and The Korean WarDMelissaHilbish.pdf
20711_1Critical Essay  Jon VolkmerTelling the “Truth” about Vietnam: Episteme and Narrative Structure in The Green Berets and The Things They Carried JonVolkmer.pdf
20811_1Critical Essay  Carl S. HornerChallenging the Law of Courage and Heroic Identification in Tim O’Brien’s If I Die in a Combat Zone and The Things They CarriedCarlSHorner.pdf
20911_1Critical Essay  R.J. FertelVietnam War Narratives and Myth of the Hero RJFertel.pdf
21011_1Critical Essay  Dermot McCarthyThe Limits of Irony: The Chronillogical World of Martin Amis’ Time’s ArrowDermotMcCarthy.pdf
21111_1Commentary  Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.Dereliction of Duty or the Wrong War?: Learning the Lessons of Vietnam  ThomasGBowieJr.pdf
21211_2Artwork  William Schaff Ashes: Art Inspired by the Holocaustschaff.pdf
21311_2Artwork  William Schaff A Conversation with William Schaffschaffconversation.pdf
21411_2Personal Essay Paul WestA Boy's Blitzwest.pdf
21511_2Personal Essay Karl LindholmDickie,Nick,Varsity Jim, and Bye-Bye: Teaching a true war Storylindholm.pdf
21611_2Personal Essay Edward W. Wood, Jr.Revisiting My Memoir: On Being Woundedwood.pdf
21711_2Personal Essay Bruce GuernseyDoublemintguernsey.pdf
21811_2Personal Essay Travis BurtonTime In-Countryburton.pdf
21911_2Personal Essay Tom WolfFrom Ice Crusaders: A Memoir of Cold War and Cold Sportwolf.pdf
22011_2Poetry Elaine BanderOn the Western Frontbander.pdf
22111_2Poetry Lyn LifshinNine Poemslifshin.pdf
22211_2Fiction  Michael John O'DonnelRifleboyodonnell.pdf
22311_2Fiction  Erik JungBehind the Lens: A Correspondent's Journey Through Vietnamjung.pdf
22411_2Fiction  Alex VernonDesert Farewellvernon.pdf
22511_2Critical Essay Janis P. StoutThe Making of Willa Cather's One of Ours: The Role of Dorothy Canfield Fisherstout.pdf
22611_2Critical Essay Sean M. BraswellWar Stories: "Truth" and Particularsbraswell.pdf
22711_2Critical Essay Ed SikovBilly Wilder's World War IIsikov.pdf
22811_2Interview Will HarrisRemembering Heaven's Face: An Interview with John Balabanharris.pdf
22911_2Interview Kathi A. VosevichConversations with Joseph Hellervosevich.pdf
23011_2Interview Donald AndersonVisions of War, Dreams of Peace: A Conversation with Joan A. Fureyanderson.pdf
23111_2Commentary  Donald AndersonVietnam and Korea: W.D. Erhart's Continuing Journeyanderson (2).pdf
23211_2Commentary  Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.Still Counting the Days of Our Longest Warbowie.pdf
23311_2Commentary  D.A. BoxwellRecall Roster: The World My Wildernessboxwell.pdf
23411_2Reviews BooksUnderstanding the Literature of WWII: A Student Casebookreviews.pdf
23511_2Reviews BooksBlack Hawk Down: A Story of Modern Warreviews.pdf
23611_2Reviews BooksThe Vietnam War and Postmodernityreviews.pdf
23711_2Reviews BooksForging the Sword: Selecting, Educating, and Training Cadets and Junior Officers in the Modern Worldreviews.pdf
23811_2Reviews BooksLoving Arms: British Women Writing the Second World Warreviews.pdf
23911_2Reviews BooksBritish Women Writers of the WWII: Battlegrounds of Their Ownreviews.pdf
24011_2Reviews BooksThe Eyes of Orion: Five Tank Lieutenants in the Persian Gulf Warreviews.pdf
24112_1Personal Essay Doug HeckmanQuarryHeckman.pdf
24212_1Personal Essay William Newmiller The War I Didn't Worry AboutNewmiller.pdf
24312_1Poetry Joseph T. CoxPurple HeartsCox.pdf
24412_1Poetry Paul ElishaFour PoemsElisha.pdf
24512_1Invited Lecture Philip Caputo Goodnight, Saigon: Lecture at the United States Air Force AcademyGoodnight.pdf
24612_1Invited Lecture Robert MorganHemingway and the True Poetry of War: Keynote Address at the United States Air Force AcademyMorgan.pdf
24712_1Fiction Paul WestHitlers Pianist and Other PortraitsWest.pdf
24812_1Critical Essay John Mark MattoxHenry V: Shakespeare's Just WarriorMattox.pdf
24912_1Critical Essay W. D. EhrhartHoward Fast's "Korean Litany"Ehrhart.pdf
25012_1Critical Essay Tracy E. BilsingThe process of Manafacture: Rudyard Kipling's Private PropagandaBilsing.pdf
25112_1Critical Essay Katherine KinneyCold Wars: Black Soldiers in Liberal HollywoodKinney.pdf
25212_1Critical Essay Subarno Chattarji Representations of Vietnam in some poems of John Balaban, Kevin Bowen, and Bruce WeiglChattarji.pdf
25312_1Interview Neiberg, Bowie, and AndersonPhilip Caputo: A Rumor of War. A conversation with Philip Caputo at 58Caputo.pdf
25412_1Commentary D.A. Boxwell Kulturkampf, Now and ThenBoxwell.pdf
25512_1Reviews BooksDoing Time: 25 Years of PrisonReviews.pdf
25612_1Reviews BooksWriting: A Pen American Center Prize AnthologyReviews.pdf
25812_1Reviews BooksThe Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post-Cold WarReviews.pdf
25912_1Reviews BooksThe Book of War: Twenty-fiveReviews.pdf
26012_1Reviews BooksCenturies of Great War WritingReviews.pdf
26112_1Reviews BooksScenes From the End: The Last Days of World War II in EuropeReviews.pdf
26212_1Reviews BooksLiterature at War: 1914-1940:Reviews.pdf
26312_1Reviews BooksRepresenting the "Time of Greatness" in GermanyReviews.pdf
26412_1Reviews BooksHart’s WarReviews.pdf
26512_2Invited Lecture Reg SanerSoldier, Poets, a Gadfly, and the Long Haired PersianSaner1.pdf
26612_2Artwork Ted EngelmannA Photo EssayEngelmann.pdf
26712_2Poetry Reg SanerWake MeSaner2.pdf
26812_2Poetry David KeplingerMemorial Concert on a Sloped ClearingKeplinger.pdf
27012_2Personal Essay Bill WallischIn the Belly of the WhaleWallisch.pdf
27112_2Personal Essay Beth TaylorCrossing the Line: Finding ButchTaylor.pdf
27212_2Personal Essay David LawrenceAlive and well and Behind Enemy LinesLawrence.pdf
27312_2Personal Essay Robert E GajdusekFrom Resurrection: A War JourneyGajdusek.pdf
27412_2Interview David KeplingerOn Bruce Weigl: Finding a Shape for the Litany of TerrorKeplinger2.pdf
27512_2Fiction Thomas Bonner, Jr.NurseBonner.pdf
27612_2Fiction Art Grillo We Do NormandyGrillo.pdf
27712_2Fiction Don KunzRehearsing for VietnamKunz.pdf
27812_2Commentary Brian HanleyWriting Lives, not Histories: Geoffrey Perret's Eisenhower and the Art of BiographyHanley.pdf
27912_2Commentary Edward W WoodOn Judging Worlad War Two: The Greatest Generation?Wood.pdf
28012_2Critical Essay David J PiwinskiMy Lai, Flies, and Beelzebub in Tim O'Brien's In the Lake of the WoodsPiwinski.pdf
28112_2Critical Essay Benjamin F. FisherThe Red Badge of Courageunder British Spotlights AgainFisher.pdf
28212_2Critical Essay W.D. EhrhartSetting the Record Straight on William WantlingEhrhart.pdf
28312_2Reviews BooksThe GI Generation: A Memoir bookreviews.pdf
28412_2Reviews BooksThe Greatest Generation Speaksbookreviews.pdf
28512_2Reviews BooksZone of the Interior: A Memoir, 1942-1947bookreviews.pdf
28612_2Reviews BooksHer War Story: Twentieth-Century Women Write about Warbookreviews.pdf
28712_2Reviews BooksHiroshima Traces: Time, Space, and the Dialectics of Memorybookreviews.pdf
28812_2Reviews BooksThe First World War and Popular Cinema: 1914 to the Presentbookreviews.pdf
28912_2Reviews BooksWhat Should We Tell Our Children About Vietnam?bookreviews.pdf
29012_2Reviews BooksWar, Technology, and Experience Aboard the USS Monitorbookreviews.pdf
29112_2Reviews BooksSinging the New Nation: How Music Shaped the Confederacy, 1861-1865bookreviews.pdf
29212_2Reviews BooksThe Medic: Life and Death in the Last Days of World War IIbookreviews.pdf
29312_2Poetry Will HochmanTen Poets, SelectedTenPoets.pdf
29413_1-2Memoir Alvord White ClementsIntroduction to “A Civil War Memoir”AlvordWhiteClements.pdf
29513_1-2Memoir Isaac N. ClementsA Civil War MemoirAlvordWhiteClements.pdf
29613_1-2Memoir Charles Cameron CateMy Father’s Memoir of World War ICharlesCameronCate.pdf
29713_1-2Memoir Clifton J. CateA Soldier’s Memoir of World War ICharlesCameronCate.pdf
29813_1-2Art Samuel BakThe Art of Samuel Bakbak.pdf
29913_1-2Fiction Paul WestBy the Waters of WannseePaulWest.pdf
30013_1-2Fiction Christopher TomlinsonThe Lieutenant’s BoxChristopherTomlinson.pdf
30113_1-2Fiction Doug HeckmanRossi’s GirlDougHeckman.pdf
30213_1-2Fiction Ivan PrashkerVanIvanPrashker.pdf
30313_1-2Fiction Joan FoxAngelfireJoanFox.pdf
30413_1-2Fiction John SullivanPonytailJohnSullivan.pdf
30513_1-2Fiction Mark BurghClaire de luneMarkBurgh.pdf
30613_1-2Fiction Rob RoenschVeterans’ DayRobRoensch.pdf
30713_1-2Fiction Robert E. SkinnerLabor Day 1973: An Episode of WarRobertESkinner.pdf
30813_1-2Fiction Robert MacGowanTwo Fictions from The Boatman’s StoryRobertMacGowan.pdf
30913_1-2Fiction Scott TinleyA Killing TaleScottTinley.pdf
31013_1-2Poetry Biljana D. Obradovic'Evil Omens: On the Four Nines’ DayBiljanaD.pdf
31113_1-2Poetry Bruce GuernseyTwo PoemsBruceGuernsey.pdf
31213_1-2Poetry Carole Boston WeatherfordThree PoemsCaroleBostonWeatherford.pdf
31313_1-2Poetry Cynthia HarperDancing the TangoCynthiaHarper.pdf
31413_1-2Poetry Dale RitterbuschTwo PoemsDaleRitterbusch.pdf
31513_1-2Poetry Dana SonnenscheinTwo PoemsDanaSonnenschein.pdf
31613_1-2Poetry D.F. BrownEven the Spoon is a WeaponDFBrown.pdf
31713_1-2Poetry Elisha PoratTo Die at the Springs of El-HammaElishaPorat.pdf
31813_1-2Poetry John GeryFive PoemsJohnGery.pdf
31913_1-2Poetry John GilgunFirst War DeathJohnGilgun.pdf
32013_1-2Poetry John StruloeffKnee-Deep in the PacificJohnStruloeff.pdf
32113_1-2Poetry Julie SukLa Dolce VitaJulieSuk.pdf
32213_1-2Poetry Michael WatersTwo PoemsMichaelWaters.pdf
32313_1-2Poetry Philip ParottiRadar Contacts off Da NangPhillipParotti.pdf
32413_1-2Poetry R.G. CantalupoStopped at a LightRGCantalupo.pdf
32513_1-2Poetry Vivian ShipleyFive PoemsVivianShipley.pdf
32613_1-2Poetry W.D. EhrhartSleeping with the DeadWDEhrhart.pdf
32713_1-2Critical Essay Carol ActonDangerous Daughters: American Nurses and Gender Identity in World War One and VietnamCarolActon.pdf
32813_1-2Critical Essay C. Kenneth PelloAnalogy in RegenerationCKenneth Pellow.pdf
32913_1-2Critical Essay John BowersBearing Witness to Story: The Before and After in Bruce Weigl’s The Circle of HanhJohnBowers.pdf
33013_1-2Critical Essay William J. SearleWomen, Vietnamese, Other: The Depiction of Women in Vietnamese Short FictionWilliamSearle.pdf
33113_1-2Personal Essay Adam McKeownThe Story of Jim DayAdamMcKeown.pdf
33213_1-2Personal Essay Bruce GuernseyDigging to AmericaBruceGuernsey2.pdf
33313_1-2Personal Essay Dang T. LeStory of my FamilyDangTLe.pdf
33413_1-2Personal Essay Joseph T. CoxNotes from Ban Me ThuotJosephCox.pdf
33513_1-2Personal Essay R.G. Cantalupofrom The Light Where Shadows EndRGCantalupo2.pdf
33613_1-2Commentary Tran Van DinhThe Cleansing Power of Poetrytran.pdf
33713_1-2Reviews BooksReviewsreviews.pdf
33814_1-2Memoir R.G. Cantalupofrom The Light Where Shadows EndCantalupo.pdf
33914_1-2Artwork Pam ChadickIn Pulverem Reverteris An Encounter with the Paintings of Samuel BakChadick.pdf
34014_1-2Artwork Samuel BakThe Paintings of Samuel BakChadick(2).pdf
34114_1-2Fiction Jack VianAmerican Triptych: Warvian.pdf
34214_1-2Fiction Ron SandvikKiller Karl Kruppsandvik.pdf
34314_1-2Fiction Kirk CurnuttEtude and Bell Towercurnutt.pdf
34414_1-2Poetry Will HochmanEighteen Poets, Selected by Will Hochmanpoetry.pdf
34514_1-2Critical Essay David Kramer"Infirm Soldiers in the Cuban War of Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Harding Davis"Kramer.pdf
34614_1-2Critical Essay Kevin GraukeVietnam, Survivalism, and the Civil War: The Use of History in MichaelGrauke.pdf
34714_1-2Critical Essay Laurence Goldstein"The Imagination Problem": Winfield Townley Scott and the American WarsGoldstein.pdf
34814_1-2Critical Essay W Brett WileyCathcart and the MagazineWiley.pdf
34914_1-2Critical Essay Nancy Sloan GoldbergWomen, War, and H. G. Wells: The Pacifism of French Playwright Marie Lenérugoldberg.pdf
35014_1-2Critical Essay Rodney P. RiceGroup Man Goes to War: Elements of Propaganda in John Stenbeck's Bombs Awayrice.pdf
35114_1-2Critical Essay Tim BlackmoreHot For War: Jerry Pournelle and David Drake’s Regendered Battlefieldblackmore.pdf
35214_1-2Critical Essay Philip BeidlerViet Pulpbeidler.pdf
35314_1-2Critical Essay Maureen RyanWoodstock Nation: The Vietnam Antiwar Movement in Postwar American Fictionryan.pdf
35414_1-2Critical Essay Adrian HunterObscured Hurts: The Civil War Writing of Henry James and Ambrose Biercehunter.pdf
35514_1-2Critical Essay Sara MartinThe Spirit of World War I: Patricia Anthony’s Flandmartin.pdf
35614_1-2Personal Essay Josh SopiarzLearning About Warsopiarz.pdf
35714_1-2Personal Essay Benjamin HansonParsons’ Lipshanson.pdf
35814_1-2Commentary Don KunzBarry Levinson’s Good Morning, Vietnamkunz.pdf
35914_1-2Commentary Susan O'NeillThe Song of the PawnONeill.pdf
36014_1-2Commentary Will HarrisVietnam: A Traveler’s Literary Companionharris.pdf
36114_1-2Editors Choice Donald AndersonA Memory of War, by Frederick Buschanderson.pdf
36214_1-2Reviews BooksThe Hill Fightsreviews.pdf
36315_1-2From The Editors Desk Donald Anderson Anderson.pdf
36415_1-2Memoir Perry D. Luckettfrom Tempered Steel:Charles L. Byler Colonel James Hluckett.pdf
36515_1-2Artwork Laura CarioRegarding the O’Brien Paintingscario.pdf
36615_1-2Artwork Brandon Lingle (2.2m)Golden Elbow Reflectionslingle.pdf
36715_1-2Fiction George BandyThe Bread Watcherbandy.pdf
36815_1-2Fiction Kim ChinqueeServicechinquee.pdf
36915_1-2Fiction Alexander BlackburnThe Physicistblackburn.pdf
37015_1-2Fiction Sam HalpertThe Best Day I Ever Hadhalpert.pdf
37115_1-2Fiction Kathleen Toomey JabsThe Captain’s Daughterjabs.pdf
37215_1-2Fiction Joseph HullettTwo Storieshullet.pdf
37315_1-2Fiction Leonard CostopoulosSetting an Examplecostopoulos.pdf
37415_1-2Poetry Ellen BassPray for Peacebass.pdf
37515_1-2Poetry Elaine BanderHonourable Dischargebander.pdf
37615_1-2Poetry Thomas G. Palaima“As Told to Wallace Terry”palaima.pdf
37715_1-2Poetry Dale RitterbuschThe Air Force Plays Baseball near the South China Searitterbusch.pdf
37815_1-2Poetry Joseph T. CoxFathers and Sonscox.pdf
37915_1-2Poetry Fintan L. DooleyTears and Wails: An Ode to the Survivordooley.pdf
38015_1-2Poetry Laurence GoldsteinThe Harlot Robed in Wargoldstein.pdf
38115_1-2Poetry John GilgunWar Economygilgun.pdf
38215_1-2Interview William NewmillerA Real Good War Recollection and Conversation with Sam Halpertnewmiller.pdf
38315_1-2Critical Essay Steven P. Liparulo“Incense and Ashes”: The Postmodern Work of Refutation in Three Vietnam War Novelsliparulo.pdf
38415_1-2Critical Essay Christina JarvisThe Vietnamization of World War II in Slaughterhouse-Five and Gravity’s Rainbowjarvis.pdf
38515_1-2Critical Essay Mark D. NoeWASPs and Other Pilots: Historical Context in Censored on Final Approachnoe.pdf
38615_1-2Critical Essay Michael C. ScogginsJoseph Heller’s Combat Experiences in Catch-22scoggins.pdf
38715_1-2Critical Essay S. P. MacKenzieVictory from Defeat: The War Office and the making ofDunkirk (Ealing Films, 1958)mackenzie.pdf
38815_1-2Critical Essay Mimi Reisel GladsteinMr. Novelist Goes to War: Hemingway and Steinbeck as Front-line Correspondentsgladstein.pdf
38915_1-2Personal Essay Paul WestThe Light Militia of the Lower Airwest.pdf
39015_1-2Personal Essay Erica CaldwellBooks, Battle, Butterfly Weedcaldwell.pdf
39115_1-2Personal Essay Martin NaparsteckHaving Been to Warnaparsteck.pdf
39215_1-2Personal Essay David M. Berman Calling The Wandering Souls:a journey through the heartland of ethnic cleansingberman.pdf
39315_1-2Personal Essay José J. BarreraNo Man’s Landbarrera.pdf
39415_1-2Commentary Glenn LeinbachCritical Thought and the Culture of the Fighter Pilotleinbach.pdf
39515_1-2Commentary Glenn DayleyFamiliar Ghosts, New Voices: Tim O’Brien’s July, Julydayley.pdf
39615_1-2Commentary Benjamin F. JonesLooking for Bernard Knox: Wa r r i o r, Ancient and Modernjones.pdf
39715_1-2Recall Roster D.A. BoxwellCompany Kboxwell.pdf
39815_1-2Editors Choice James H. MeredithThe Immensity of the Here and Nowmeredith.pdf
39915_1-2Reviews BooksGreat War History, Great War Myth: Brian Bond's Unquiet Western Front and the Role of Literature and Filmreviews.pdf
40016_1-2From The Editors Desk Donald Anderson Editors Desk.pdf
40116_1-2Memoir WJ ‘Jim’ HunterFrom Coastal Command to Captivity, introduced by Allan HunterWLA 1-34.pdf
40216_1-2Memoir Major Richard C. SaterNotes from a Journal: Afghanistan, 11 Sept 2003-7 Apr 2004Sater.pdf
40316_1-2Fiction Ron SandvikFalling With Style: The 17th Draft of a Videoplay to be Produced Upon My Death and Played For My ChildrenSandvik.pdf
40416_1-2Fiction Gary Millsfrom At All CostsMills.pdf
40516_1-2Fiction Wayne KarlinThe American ReaderKarlin.pdf
40616_1-2Fiction Tim ParrishOrderlyParrish.pdf
40716_1-2Fiction Terry P. RizzutiWillisRizzuti.pdf
40816_1-2Fiction Lucy BucknellThe KiteBucknell.pdf
40916_1-2Fiction Melinda BraunThe Cost of LivingBraun.pdf
41016_1-2Fiction Pam UllmanNo Safe DistanceUllman.pdf
41116_1-2Poetry Dale RitterbuschThree PoemsRitterbusch.pdf
41216_1-2Poetry Dana GioiaFour PoemsGioia.pdf
41316_1-2Poetry Mary Elizabeth LangTwo PoemsLang.pdf
41416_1-2Poetry Kyle TorkeTwo PoemsTorke.pdf
41516_1-2Poetry Thomas DukesWriting DaddyDukes.pdf
41616_1-2Poetry Suzanne R. ThurmanPoint of ViewThurman.pdf
41716_1-2Poetry Marlene HannaQuicksandHanna.pdf
41816_1-2Poetry Paula PanzarellaDesert RosePanzarella.pdf
41916_1-2Poetry Jeffrey C. AlfierPaleo Warrior at Blackwater DrawAlfier.pdf
42016_1-2Poetry Rawdon TomlinsonTwo PoemsTomlinson.pdf
42116_1-2Poetry Shelley W. MooreThe First Woman MarineMoore.pdf
42216_1-2Poetry Jim SimmermanAt the Peace MarchSimmerman.pdf
42316_1-2Critical Essay Jackson A. Niday, IIA Rhetoric of Trauma in 9-11 Stories: A Critical Reading of Ulrich Baer’s 110 StoriesNiday.pdf
42416_1-2Critical Essay Edward Gillin JoshuaLawrence Chamberlain and the Old Soldier of The Country of the Pointed Firs Gillin.pdf
42516_1-2Critical Essay Dorlea RikardPatriotism, Propaganda, Parody, and Protest: The Music of Three American WarsRikard.pdf
42616_1-2Critical Essay Marcia Phillips McGowan“A Nearer Approach to the Truth”: Mary Borden’s Journey Down a Blind AlleyMcGowan.pdf
42716_1-2Critical Essay Casey ClaboughConfronting Traumatic Anxiety: William Manchester’s Goodbye, Darkness Clabough.pdf
42816_1-2Critical Essay Mark DollarGhost Imagery in the War Poems of Siegfried SassoonDollar.pdf
42916_1-2Personal Essay Jeff LoebBrisanceLoeb.pdf
43016_1-2Commentary W.D. EhrhartCarrying the Ghost of Ray CatinaWDEhrhart.pdf
43116_1-2Commentary Glenn LeinbachEd Wood: Wounds, War, and FriendshipLeinbach.pdf
43216_1-2Commentary Lori A. Davis PerryWomen at the Front: American NursesDavisPerry.pdf
43316_1-2Recall Roster Dana GioiaThis Man’s Army by John Allan Wyeth, Jr.Gioia(2).pdf
43416_1-2Editor's Choice Lori A. Davis Perry Brave Enemies by Robert MorganDavisPerry(2).pdf
43516_1-2Reviews BooksBooksreviews.pdf
43617_1-2Special Feature William NewmillerThe Navajo Code Talkers and Their Photographer newmiller.pdf
43717_1-2The Image of a Hero Will Wright & Carl PletschIntroduction intro.pdf
43817_1-2The Image of a Hero Aaron B. O’Connell Saving Private Lynch:A Hyperreal Hero in an Age of Postmodern Warfare hero_oconnell.pdf
43917_1-2The Image of a Hero Tracy SantaDrug/War: Anthony Loyd and the Hero(in) in Bosnia hero_santa.pdf
44017_1-2The Image of a Hero Andreas Michel Heroes and Taboos: The Expansion of Memory in Contemporary Germany hero_michel.pdf
44117_1-2The Image of a Hero Richard W. LempComic Metamorphosis of the (Anti) Hero in Roch Carrier’s WWII Novels hero_lemp.pdf
44217_1-2The Image of a Hero James L. CookReproaching the Military Hero Sans Peur hero_cook.pdf
44317_1-2The Image of a Hero Robert W. Burns"More Frail and Moral": The Wound of Fear in Philip Caputo's In the Forestof the Laughing Elephanthero_burns.pdf
44417_1-2The Image of a Hero Nadine Gingrich “Every Man Who Dies, Dies for You and Me. See You Be Worthy”: The Image of the Hero as Rhetorical Motivation in Unofficial War Propaganda, 1914-1918 hero_gingrich.pdf
44517_1-2The Image of a Hero Donald E. English French Photographic Images of the Hero during World War Onehero_english.pdf
44617_1-2Translations Thomas McGuireFriends from Other Wars:Four Transcreative Translations mcguire.pdf
44717_1-2Fiction Karen T. Hartline Under Dead hartline.pdf
44817_1-2Fiction M. M. M. HayesLay of the Land hayes.pdf
44917_1-2Poetry Karen Head Bad Girls, 1979 head.pdf
45017_1-2Poetry Robert LundayIn Praise of Babel lunday.pdf
45117_1-2Poetry D.F. Brown Three PoemsdfBrown.pdf
45217_1-2Poetry Rachel Vigil Three Poems vigil.pdf
45317_1-2Poetry W. D. EhrhartCoaching Winter Track in Time of War ehrhart.pdf
45417_1-2Poetry Joseph T. CoxFirst Snow Fort Wayne cox.pdf
45517_1-2Poetry Marianne Poloskey Three Poems poloskey.pdf
45617_1-2Poetry Cyra S. DumitruTwo Poems dumitru.pdf
45717_1-2Critical Essay Alfred KernAbout Literary Wars kern.pdf
45817_1-2Critical Essay Paul R. CappucciDown from the Crow’s Nest: Herman Melville’s Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the Warcappucci.pdf
45917_1-2Critical Essay Karsten H. PiepWar as Proletarian Bildungsroman in Upton Sinclair’s Jimmie Higgins piep.pdf
46017_1-2Critical Essay Carla A. Fellers“What a Wonderful World”: The Rhetoric of the Official and the Unofficial in Good Morning, Vietnam fellers.pdf
46117_1-2Critical Essay Bernard von BothmerOliver Stone’s JFK: Political Assassination, Kennedy, and Vietnamvon_bothmer.pdf
46217_1-2Critical Essay Kevin FosterDisappearing Acts: Remembering the Victims of the Dirty War foster.pdf
46317_1-2Critical Essay Susanne Vees-GulaniTroubled Memories:Posttraumatic Stress, German Writers, and the Bombings of World War Two vees-gulani.pdf
46417_1-2Personal Essay Bruce GuernseyNobody’s Home guernsey.pdf
46517_1-2Personal Essay Candace Black Professional Vet black.pdf
46617_1-2Personal Essay Josh Sopiarz Homecoming sopiarz.pdf
46717_1-2Commentary Michael S. Neiberg Mona Lisa’s Smile and the Writing of the Great War neiberg.pdf
46817_1-2Commentary Morgan HarlowMartian Legacy: Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chroniclesharlow.pdf
46917_1-2Recall Roster Jeffrey C. AlfierRecall Rosteralfier.pdf
47017_1-2Editor's Choice Lori A. Davis PerryLeadership at Trafalgarperry_EC.pdf
47218_1-2From The Editors Desk Donald AndersonFrom the Editor’s DeskfromtheEditor.pdf
47318_1-2Special Feature Paul WestMy Father at WarWest2.pdf
47418_1-2Special Feature Gloria Emerson (1929–2004)Rememberances by W.D. Ehrhart, Wayne Karlin, and John Balabanemerson.pdf
47518_1-2Special Feature William NewmillerVoicesnewmiller.pdf
47618_1-2Artwork Roy HaleyAfghanistan: A Photo Essayhaley.pdf
47718_1-2Fiction Robert MacGowanMama’s Boymacgowan.pdf
47818_1-2Poetry Joseph T. CoxHomecomingcox.pdf
47918_1-2Poetry Dale RitterbuschDaisy Carbine Mantraritterbusch.pdf
48018_1-2Poetry Juan J. MoralesThree Poemsmorales.pdf
48118_1-2Poetry Brian TurnerThree Poemsturner.pdf
48218_1-2Poetry Amanda BuchholzProtesting Agebuchholz.pdf
48318_1-2Poetry Vivian ShipleyThree Poemsshipley.pdf
48418_1-2Poetry R.G. CantalupoLetter to a Fiction Writercantalupo01.pdf
48518_1-2Poetry Charles Cantalupo and Ghirmai NegashTwo Translationscantalupo-trans.pdf
48618_1-2Poetry Rochelle MassRockaway Parkway and Rosh Ha’ayinmass.pdf
48718_1-2Poetry John BenskoThree Poemsbensko.pdf
48818_1-2Poetry John GriswoldI Didn’t Knowgriswold.pdf
48918_1-2Poetry Patricia J. MottolaTwo Poemsmottola.pdf
49018_1-2Poetry Jeffrey C. AlfierThe Winteringalfier.pdf
49118_1-2Poetry Jason W. SelbyCommandmentselby.pdf
49218_1-2Poetry Gerald McCarthyTwo Poemsmccarthy.pdf
49318_1-2Critical Essay Clare Emily Clifford“Before I Was Domesticated”: Delivering the Vietnam Moment in the Fatherhood Poetry of Bruce Weigl and John Balabanclifford.pdf
49418_1-2Critical Essay Michael Schaefer“Heroes Had No Shame in Their Lives”: Manhood, Heroics, and Compassion in The Red Badge of Courage and “A Mystery of Heroism”schaefer.pdf
49518_1-2Critical Essay Elizabeth Oldman“Against such hellish mischief fit to oppose”: A Grotian Reading of Milton’s War in Heavenoldman.pdf
49618_1-2Critical Essay Jason S. RidlerDepleting Humanity: Environment, Technology, and the Air War in V. M. Yeates’ Winged Victoryridler.pdf
49718_1-2Critical Essay Joseph Fruscione“One Tale, One Telling”: Parallelism, Influence, and Exchange between Faulkner’s The Unvanquished and Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tollsfruscione.pdf
49818_1-2Personal Essay Scott TinleyIn search of the last protestor, approximatelytinley.pdf
49918_1-2Personal Essay Jason ArmagostThings to Pack When You’re Bound for Baghdadarmagost.pdf
50018_1-2Personal Essay William ChildressA Poet Remembers Koreachildress.pdf
50118_1-2Personal Essay Wayne KarlinWandering Soulskarlin.pdf
50218_1-2Commentary Steven W. McCartySouthern Magnoliasmccarty.pdf
50318_1-2Commentary Thomas McGuireThe Flow of War, Suffering and Time Measured in the River-Run of Dale Ritterbusch’s Lyric Poetrymcguire.pdf
50418_1-2Commentary Alex VernonWar’s Returnvernon.pdf
50518_1-2Commentary Jesse GatlinThe Atomic Timesgatlin.pdf
50618_1-2Commentary Keith R. HerrmannThe War of Wordsherrmann.pdf
50718_1-2Editor's Choice Lori A. Davis PerryHenry V Before ShakespeareeditorsChoice.pdf
50919_1-2Special Feature Dale Ritterbusch with  Jackson A. Niday, IINine Poems, followed by Democracyand Literature: A Conversationritterbusch.pdf
51019_1-2Special FeatureMarnie Warren“As I write this, I am crying”: Children’s Letters to Iraqchildrensletters.pdf
51119_1-2Artwork Benjamin BuschThe Art in War busch.pdf
51219_1-2Artwork Stanley HorowitzRenditions horowitz.pdf
51319_1-2Fiction David BuchananThird Country Nationalsbuchanan.pdf
51419_1-2Fiction Anthony BukoskiReport of the Guardian of the Sickbukowski.pdf
51519_1-2Book Excerpt Michael Sledgefrom Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallensledge.pdf
51619_1-2Memoir Ron Sandvik “Panamax,”from Four Strings, Four Bulletssandvik.pdf
51719_1-2Poetry William ChildressTwo Poems childress.pdf
51819_1-2Poetry Rob JacquesTwo Poemsjacques.pdf
51919_1-2Poetry Sofia StarnesAnemones starnes.pdf
52019_1-2Poetry Brian C. FelderLooking for Bill Grayfelder.pdf
52119_1-2Poetry Amy NawrockiBroken Treaties nawrocki.pdf
52219_1-2Poetry Josh BurgessThree Poems burgess.pdf
52319_1-2Poetry Noel CrookWar Photo crook.pdf
52419_1-2Poetry John BalabanFor John Haag, Logger, Sailor, Housepainter, Poet, Professor, and Grower of Orchidsbalaban.pdf
52519_1-2Poetry David KeplingerThe Lamp and the Mirrorkeplinger.pdf
52619_1-2Poetry Thomas McGuireGarden Plots mcguire.pdf
52719_1-2Critical Essay Leslie A. WerdenMemories of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Familial Legacies in Titus and All My Sonswerden.pdf
52819_1-2Critical Essay Jason S. RidlerWar in the Precious Graveyard: Death through the Eyes of Guy Sajerridler.pdf
52919_1-2Critical Essay Matthew B. HillThe Dream from Which No One Wakes: Jarrell, Dreams, and Warhill.pdf
53019_1-2Critical Essay Nils ClaussonSassoon’s Prose Trench Lyric and the Romantic Tradition: The Ending of Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Manclausson.pdf
53119_1-2Critical Essay Alex Moffett“We Will Remember Them”: The Poetic Rewritings of Lutyens’ Cenotaphmoffett.pdf
53219_1-2Critical Essay David YostSkins Before Reputations: Subversions of Masculinity in Ambrose Bierce and Stephen Craneyost.pdf
53319_1-2Critical Essay Jerry M. LongFrom Gilgamesh to Fatwas: Reading the Ideology of al-Qaida as Epiclong.pdf
53419_1-2Critical Essay Douglas HigbeeSiegfried Sassoon, Fellow-traveler: Poetry, Socialism, and the British Veterans’ Movementhigbee.pdf
53519_1-2Personal Essay Jim KellyInstant Gandhi kelly.pdf
53619_1-2Commentary Philip BeidlerThe Invisible ARVN: The South Vietnamese Soldier in American Representations of the Vietnam Warbeidler.pdf
53719_1-2Commentary Tamara Miner HaygoodPrisoner of War Memoirs of World War II: The European Theatrehaygood.pdf
53819_1-2Commentary James A. Moad IIRe-imagining the Past through Letters moad.pdf
53919_1-2Commentary Carl E. Bartecchi, M.D.How an Art Form (Photography) Influenced a Practice of Medicinebartecchi.pdf
54019_1-2Editor's Choice William NewmillerHadji Murád by Leo Tolstoy newmiller.pdf
54119_1-2Reviews BooksReviewsreviews.pdf
54220_1-2Special Feature Thomas G. BowieWar, Literature and the Arts 20th Anniversary Commentary Teaching Humanities at America’s Military AcademiesBowie.pdf
54320_1-2Special Feature Brian Hanley Why Studying the Literature of War is ImportantHanley.pdf
54420_1-2Special Feature Thomas Vargish War & Literature: A ReciprocityVargish.pdf
54520_1-2Special Feature Thomas McGuire War Literature, the Constitution, and Fostering Reluctant KillersMcGuire.pdf
54620_1-2Special Feature Donald AndersonWhen War Becomes PersonalAnderson.pdf
54720_1-2Special Feature Geoffrey Galt HarphamThe Depths of the Heights: Reading Conrad with America’s SoldiersHarpham.pdf
54820_1-2Special Feature  Max Despain Telling True War StoriesDespain.pdf
54920_1-2Artwork Jerry KykiszThe National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, introduced and selected by Jerry KykiszKykisz.pdf
55020_1-2Interview Jan Ellen Spiegel and Will HochmanBeyond War Poetry: War, Literature and the Heart of a Poet / An Interview with John BalabanInterviewBalaban.pdf
55120_1-2Fiction Sean MillerThe Lord’s WorkMiller.pdf
55220_1-2Fiction Joseph Keith KreidelThe Colors of RedemptionKreidel.pdf
55320_1-2Fiction Laura Hope-Gill Psalm 51Hope-Gill.pdf
55420_1-2Fiction Andrea LewisAccelerated BiologyLewis.pdf
55520_1-2Memoir Tony Thang NguyenIn DesperationNGuyen.pdf
55620_1-2Poetry Andrew J. Kenney "Hey Man, How's Life?"Kenney.pdf
55720_1-2Poetry John Balaban Four PoemsPoemBalaban.pdf
55820_1-2Poetry Chuck Rybak Purple HeartRybak.pdf
55920_1-2Poetry John KayTwo PoemsKay.pdf
56020_1-2Poetry Marilyn Kallet A Feast for Dogs and BirdsKallet.pdf
56120_1-2Poetry Jehanne Dubrow ArgosDubrow.pdf
56220_1-2Poetry James Deahl Clay JarsDeahl.pdf
56320_1-2Poetry R. S. Carlson Supply RunCarlson.pdf
56420_1-2Poetry Lisa Siedlarz Enduring FreedomSiedlarz.pdf
56520_1-2Poetry Edward McCrorieFour PoemsMcCrorie.pdf
56620_1-2Poetry Yahya FredericksonKeeping My FatherFrederickson.pdf
56720_1-2Poetry Jeffery C. Alfier Mansfield AvenueAlfier.pdf
56820_1-2Poetry Tom Sheehan The Municipal SubterraneanSheehan.pdf
56920_1-2Poetry Joseph T. Cox Second TourCox.pdf
57020_1-2Poetry R. K. Johnston Earth’s Next Era—The Age of LonelinessJohnston.pdf
57120_1-2Poetry William Childress Wondering How James Dickey DiedChildress.pdf
57220_1-2Critical Essay William V. Davis “Good Luck in Cracked Italian”: Richard Hugo in ItalyDavis.pdf
57320_1-2Critical Essay John Griswold “Praise to Those Still Coming Through On Song”: An Appreciation of John BalabanGriswold.pdf
57420_1-2Critical Essay Thomas Vargish The Authority of CrisesVargish(2).pdf
57520_1-2Critical Essay Matthew TeoreyUnmasking the Gentleman Soldier in the Memoirs of Two Cross-Dressing Female U.S. Civil War SoldiersTeorey.pdf
57620_1-2Critical Essay Tracy L. StraussTrauma’s Dialectic in Civil War Literature and FilmStrauss.pdf
57720_1-2Critical Essay Ann EliasWar and the visual language of flowers: an antipodean perspectiveElias.pdf
57820_1-2Critical Essay Robert Blaskiewicz James Jones on GuadalcanalBlaskiewicz.pdf
57920_1-2Critical Essay Verner D. Mitchell A Family Answers the Call: Anita Scott Coleman, Literature, and WarMitchell.pdf
58020_1-2Personal Essay Constantine EvansLegacyEvans.pdf
58120_1-2Commentary James Gleason Bishop “she whose eyes are open forever”: Does Protest Poetry Matter?Bishop.pdf
58220_1-2Commentary W. D. Ehrhart Words for John BalabanEhrhart.pdf
58320_1-2Commentary Thomas C. Ware Fiction Still Fights the Civil War: “It Ain’t Over Though It’s Over”Ware.pdf
58420_1-2Editor's Choice Donald Anderson Soldier TalkEditorsChoiceAnderson.pdf
58520_1-2Reviews BooksReviewsBookReviews.pdf
58621_1-2Special Feature Byron J. CalhounCaptain Vere as Outsider and Insider: Military Leadership in Billy Budd, Sailor calhoun.pdf
58721_1-2Special Feature Brandon LingleColby Buzzell’s My War: An Outsider’s Voice from Inside Iraqlingle.pdf
58821_1-2Special Feature Elizabeth MathiasA Memorial to Forgetting: Libbie Custer’s re-vision of General Custer’s legacymathias.pdf
58921_1-2Artwork Jim PollockUS Army Soldier-Artist in Vietnampollock.pdf
59021_1-2Interview Thomas McGuire/Robert MezeyWar, Tradition, Iconoclastic Talent: a conversation with Robert Mezeymezey.pdf
59121_1-2Fiction Gary McLouthSignsmclouth.pdf
59221_1-2Fiction Alexander BlackburnIn the Country of the Blindblackburn.pdf
59321_1-2Fiction Jesse GoolsbyWhat My Dead Wife Should Knowgoolsby.pdf
59421_1-2Fiction James HarmonHarley in Beniharmon.pdf
59521_1-2Fiction John HaggertyTumbleweedshaggerty.pdf
59621_1-2Fiction Trisha GuillebeauSweat, Mud, Moonshineguillebeau.pdf
59721_1-2Poetry John MinczeskiA Letter to Serafinminczeski.pdf
59821_1-2Poetry David KeplingerThree Poemskeplinger.pdf
59921_1-2Poetry John GuzlowskiNight in the Labor Campguzlowski.pdf
60021_1-2Poetry R.G. CantalupoCasualtycantalupo.pdf
60121_1-2Poetry Roberty MezeyHow Much Longer?mezey.pdf
60221_1-2Poetry Robert GreeneBand of Aidesgreene.pdf
60321_1-2Poetry Christopher Jane CorkeryTeaching “To the Lighthouse”corkery.pdf
60421_1-2Poetry Lisa SiedlarzTea with Elderssiedlarz.pdf
60521_1-2Critical Essay Adam H. Wood“Crimson Blotches on the Pages of the Past”: Histories of Violence in Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage wood.pdf
60621_1-2Critical Essay N.E. AndersonWriting War: An Analysis and Deconstruction of the Contemporary Combat Memoir in Nathaniel Fick’s One Bullet Awayneanderson.pdf
60721_1-2Critical Essay John Whittier-FergusonAlways a War Poet: Randall Jarrell and the Returns of Twentieth-Century Warwhittierferguson.pdf
60821_1-2Critical Essay Ty HawkinsViolent Death as Essential Truth in Dispatches: Re-Reading Michael Herr’s “secret history” of the Vietnam War hawkins.pdf
60921_1-2Critical Essay Scott HalesMarching Through Memory: Revising Memory in E. L. Doctorow’s The Marchhales.pdf
61021_1-2Critical Essay Layne NeeperBetween the Wars: Stephen Wright’s The Amalgamation Polka and Meditations in Greenneeper.pdf
61121_1-2Critical Essay Peter SchecknerRenegades in the Literature of War: From Homer to Hellerscheckner.pdf
61221_1-2Critical Essay Elizabeth J. Wright“We Are All Responsible”: Post-World War I Parenting and the Politics of Memory in Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s The Deepening Streamwright.pdf
61321_1-2Critical Essay William J. SearleTransition, Tradition, and the Individual Talent in Ma Van Khang’s Against the Floodsearle.pdf
61421_1-2Critical Essay Thomas VargishTechnology and Impotence in Mary Shelley’s Frankensteinvargish.pdf
61521_1-2Creative Nonfiction Gary MillsUp-Armoredmills.pdf
61621_1-2Commentary Andrea Trocha-Van NortToo Sexy for a Veil?trochavannort.pdf
61721_1-2Commentary Kristen R. LoydAn England Worth Saving: The Domestication of World War II Propaganda in Pride and Prejudiceloyd.pdf
61821_1-2Commentary W.D. EhrhartSamuel Exler: The Poet as Historianexler.pdf
61921_1-2Commentary Philip BeidlerRemembering On the Beachbeidler.pdf
62021_1-2Commentary Terry P. RizzutiArt As Therapy: The Biography of a Novelrizzuti.pdf
62121_1-2Commentary Max DespainHow War Becomes Love: Donovan Campbell’s Memoir Joker Onedespain.pdf
62221_1-2Commentary Sonja PasquantonioI Dream My Brother Plays Baseballpasquantonio.pdf
62321_1-2Reviews BooksBooksbookreviews.pdf
62422_1-2Novel Excerpt David Rabefrom Girl by the Road at Nightrabe.pdf
62522_1-2Artwork Craig F. Walkerfrom “Ian Fisher: American Soldier” the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photographywalker.pdf
62622_1-2Special Feature John BalabanThe Invisible Powersbalaban.pdf
62722_1-2Fiction Patrick HicksThe Lazarus Bombhicks.pdf
62822_1-2Fiction Jesse GoolsbyStepfathergoolsby.pdf
62922_1-2Fiction S.L. MillerKeeping Watchmiller.pdf
63022_1-2Fiction J. Scott SmithMarch 25thsmith.pdf
63122_1-2Fiction Jacob M. AppelThe Tear Sowerappel.pdf
63222_1-2Fiction Jay A. Moad IIOur Ghostmoad.pdf
63322_1-2Fiction Anthony BukoskiThe Six Purposes of Drillbukoski.pdf
63422_1-2Poetry James Gleason BishopSitting on the Veterans’ Memorial at the Corner of Main Street and Route 22, July 3, 1972, Not Thinking About Walter Cronkitebishop.pdf
63522_1-2Poetry Will BadgerAfghani Chaibadger.pdf
63622_1-2Poetry Cari Grindem-CorbettConstellationscorbett.pdf
63722_1-2Poetry Thomas H. PateEvery Spray of Blood a Blessingpate.pdf
63822_1-2Poetry Henry HughesVicki’s Grandfatherhughes.pdf
63922_1-2Poetry Beverly A. TiftIn Memory Of All Things Pasttift.pdf
64022_1-2Poetry Thomas McGuireHeirloom Photographmcguire.pdf
64122_1-2Poetry W.D. EhrhartRedipugliaerhart.pdf
64222_1-2Poetry Laren McClungCounting the Deadmcclung.pdf
64322_1-2Poetry Abby E. MurrayCorners of the Ceilingmurry.pdf
64422_1-2Critical Essay David LawrenceHeroic Act of Witness: Dexter Filkins’ Forever Warlawrence.pdf
64522_1-2Critical Essay Byron CalhounTobias Wolff ’s Search for Heroismcalhoun.pdf
64622_1-2Critical Essay Brandon LingleJon Krakauer’s Where Men Win Glory: Pat Tillman as American Epic Herolingle.pdf
64722_1-2Critical Essay Thomas E. BardenUrban Legends in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carriedbarden.pdf
64822_1-2Critical Essay Kimberly SochaOutside the Reign of Logic, Outside the Reach of God: Hester Panim in the Surreal Art of Paul Celan and Samuel Baksocha.pdf
64922_1-2Critical Essay Thomas VargishConrad’s “The Secret Sharer”: A Private Ethics of Leadershipvargish.pdf
65022_1-2Critical Essay Kevin PatrickThe Forgotten Few: The Portrayal of Aerial Combat in Australian Fictionpatrick.pdf
65122_1-2Critical Essay Florian Schwieger“Loyalty gleaming, guns screaming”: William T. Vollmann’s Europe Central and the Memory of Stalingradschwieger.pdf
65222_1-2Critical Essay Thomas A. HorneGoliath In the Valley of Elahhorne.pdf
65322_1-2Personal Essay Michail W. MulveyShortmulvey.pdf
65422_1-2Personal Essay Rebecca KannerSafetykanner.pdf
65522_1-2Commentary Ross GreshamThe Memory Hole is Usgresham.pdf
65622_1-2Commentary Alex VernonYour War is My War Toovernon.pdf
65722_1-2Commentary Jeff CollinsWays of War: Reading Frank Harvey’s Vietnam Experiences for Emotional Truth in a Digital Agecollins.pdf
65822_1-2Editor's Choice James Gleason Bishop “We Should Know These People We Bury in the Earth”: Brian Turner’s Radical Messagebishop.pdf
65922_1-2Reviews BooksReviewsbookreviews.pdf
67723_1-2Memoir Matthew BrockBright Nothingbrock.pdf
68423_1-2Artwork Jerry KykiszTrauma & Metamorphosiskykisz.pdf
68523_1-2Fiction Michael Martone Thucydides at Syracusemartone.pdf
68623_1-2Fiction Nicholas PoluhoffAt The Wallpoluhoff.pdf
68723_1-2Fiction Erin PringleThis Bomb My Heartpringle.pdf
68823_1-2Fiction David AbramsKnown Unknownsabrams.pdf
68923_1-2Fiction Katey SchultzThree Fictionsschultz.pdf
69023_1-2Fiction LaTanya McQueenFlash to Bangmcqueen.pdf
69123_1-2Fiction Nahid RachlinHealingrachlin.pdf
69223_1-2Fiction Christopher LoweDunn’s River Fallslowe.pdf
69323_1-2Fiction Bobbi NicoteraCecylianicotera.pdf
69423_1-2Author Spotlight Kathleen HarringtonSiobhan Fallon interviewed harrington.pdf
69523_1-2Poetry Elijah ImlayDeer Running Backwardsimlay.pdf
69623_1-2Poetry William Virgil DavisThe Messengersdavis.pdf
69723_1-2Poetry Joseph BathantiCoach Wheeler Tapes My Anklesbathantipoems.pdf
69823_1-2Poetry Dale RitterbuschAssyrian Lamentritterbush.pdf
69923_1-2Critical Essay Florian Schwieger“Loyalty gleaming, guns screaming”: William T. Vollmann’s Europe Central and the Memory of Stalingradschwieger.pdf
70023_1-2Critical Essay Thomas A. HorneGoliath In the Valley of Elahhorne.pdf
70123_1-2Critical Essay Catherine RolenSeeing Signs and Telling War Stories: Recognizing Trauma Symptoms and the Role of Narrative in Recoveryrolen.pdf
70223_1-2Critical Essay Daniel McKayStrolling Down Memory Pain: Oral Histories and the New Zealand Far East Prisoner of War Novelmckay.pdf
70323_1-2Critical Essay Marcia Phillips McGowan“Have I No Sanctuary to Defend?” The Great War Sonnets of Mary Bordenmcgowan.pdf
70423_1-2Critical Essay Nils ClaussonCharles Yale Harrison’s “Little-Known Minor Masterpiece”: Generals Die in Bed, Modernism, and the Canon of World War I Fictionclausson.pdf
70523_1-2Critical Essay Andrew M. MilzOf Cavalries, Calvaries, and Wilfred Owen’s “Greater Love”milz.pdf
70623_1-2Critical Essay Geoffrey WrightAcknowledging Experience: Pork Chop Hill and the Geography of the Korean Warwright.pdf
70723_1-2Critical Essay Russell BrickeyTurning Away From the Blast: Forms of Nuclear Protest Poetrybrickey.pdf
70823_1-2Critical Essay Jonathan LighterBattle Cry Revisited: “Don’t Worry, Mom, Everything is Going to be All Right”lighter.pdf
70923_1-2Critical Essay Martin Buinicki and David Owens“De-Anthologizing Ambrose Bierce: A New Look at ‘What I Saw of Shiloh.’” buinickiowens.pdf
71023_1-2Critical Essay Brian DillonThe Last Visitor: Idiosyncratic Bereavement in Julian Barnes’ WWI Story “Evermore”dillon.pdf
71123_1-2Personal Essay R.B. MorenoWhat Happened Yesterday in Baghdadmoreno.pdf
71223_1-2Personal Essay Teri CarterWar Collegecarter.pdf
71323_1-2Personal Essay Leila LevinsonCracking Open the Silencelevinson.pdf
71423_1-2Personal Essay Joseph Bathanti Half of What I Say Is Meaninglessbathanti.pdf
71523_1-2Commentary Robin JacksonHermann Gross: subversive Luftwaffe artistjackson.pdf
71623_1-2Commentary Edward A. DoughertyMemories of the Future: The Poetry of Sadako Kurihara and Hiromu Morishitadougherty.pdf
71723_1-2Commentary Edward F. PalmThe Quiet American Revisited: Orientalism Reconsideredpalm.pdf
71823_1-2Commentary Adam C. Wolfe Athens vs. Sparta: the Academic-Military Dividewolfe.pdf
72024_1-2Memoir Rolf YngveThree Tips For Those Returning from Deployments: a memoiryngve.pdf
72124_1-2Memoir David D. Butler“Long Time Gone:” The Year Dirty Harry Was Shotbutler1.pdf
72224_1-2Memoir Leigh CuenFresh Meatcuen.pdf
72324_1-2Fiction J.W.M. MorganAtomic Blizzardmorgan.pdf
72424_1-2Fiction Dan Moreau108 Degrees Under Partly Cloudy Skiesmoreau.pdf
72524_1-2Fiction Sierra BellowsThe City We Lived In After the Warbellows.pdf
72624_1-2Fiction Michael LundHow to Not Tell a War Storylund.pdf
72724_1-2Author Spotlight Benjamin Buschfrom Dust to Dust: A MemoirBusch.pdf
72824_1-2Author Spotlight Brian Turner Interviewed by Patrick HicksBrian Turner interviewed by Patrick Hickshicks.pdf
72924_1-2Author Spotlight Ben Fountain Interviewed by David Lawrence Ben Fountain Interviewed by David Lawrencelawrence.pdf
73024_1-2Poetry Rich MurphyNo Cheatingmurphy.pdf
73124_1-2Poetry Caroline A. LeblancMission Creep  leblanc.pdf
73224_1-2Poetry David RiddleDarkest Congoriddle.pdf
73324_1-2Poetry Beverly A. TiftODS Slideshow (1991)tift.pdf
73424_1-2Poetry Nancy ArbuthnotWar Haikuarbuthnot.pdf
73524_1-2Poetry Randall MartocciaWar Cammartoccia.pdf
73624_1-2Poetry Colin MortonBattle Fatiguemorton.pdf
73724_1-2Poetry Hugh MartinRaidmartinh.pdf
73824_1-2Poetry Sandra SoliBirmingham Etudes, 1943soli.pdf
73924_1-2Poetry David SullivanKanan Majeed, Lawyer sullivan.pdf
74024_1-2Poetry Christhopher Lee MilesBracing for Threnodies miles.pdf
74124_1-2Poetry Amy TudorMathew B. Brady Shows His Last Photograph tudor.pdf
74224_1-2Poetry Ed MeekThe Lotterymeek.pdf
74324_1-2Poetry Gregg MossonLetter by a French Soldier, 1916, Found at Verdunmosson.pdf
74424_1-2Poetry Brian JacksonThe Snows of Augustjackson.pdf
74524_1-2Poetry Arjun Rajendran The “Fallout” Poemrajendran.pdf
74624_1-2Poetry Daniel Rifenburgh Requital for Firerifenburgh.pdf
74724_1-2Poetry H.C. PalmerBreak Room at the Ammo Plantpalmer.pdf
74824_1-2Poetry Steve StraightThe Flag of Cucumberstraight.pdf
74924_1-2Poetry Lisa Bernstein (Lisa B)The New Warbernstein.pdf
75024_1-2Poetry Jack VianLike a Mall of Moths Bereftvian.pdf
75124_1-2Poetry Edward McCroriePoet Arrested on Piermccrorie.pdf
75224_1-2Poetry Gregory StentaLecture on Stalingrad stenta.pdf
75324_1-2Poetry Brian EdwardsAcoustic Shadowsedwards.pdf
75424_1-2Poetry Sofia StarnesO Vivifying Bonesstarnes.pdf
75524_1-2Poetry Joseph T. CoxSo Badly Prepared for Lifecox.pdf
75624_1-2Poetry Gretchen KoenigDeep Seaskoenig.pdf
75724_1-2Poetry Dale Ritterbusch Ice Bowlritterbusch1.pdf
75824_1-2Poetry Lyn Lifshin Under A Crying Sky: a suite of poemsLifshin.pdf
75924_1-2Drama Thomas D. PrainoA Memorandum for Theater: Northern Italy, 25 July 1944praino.pdf
76024_1-2Creative Nonfiction Gerardo MenaPhalanxmena.pdf
76124_1-2Creative Nonfiction Jordan HayesThe Colonel’s Bicyclehayes.pdf
76224_1-2Creative Nonfiction Dale RitterbuschA Mathematical Geographyritterbusch2.pdf
76324_1-2Personal Essay Sari M. BorenEscapeboren.pdf
76424_1-2Personal Essay Laura Jean BakerYear of the Tigerbaker.pdf
76524_1-2Personal Essay Anthony J. MohrInvasion USAmohr.pdf
76624_1-2Personal Essay Ian MillerThe Heightsmiller.pdf
76724_1-2Personal Essay William CorleyAchilles Among the Maidenscorley.pdf
76824_1-2Personal Essay Tony GorryWar Storiesgorry.pdf
76924_1-2Personal Essay Paul Crenshaw When the War Began crenshaw.pdf
77024_1-2Critical Essay Marzena Sokolowska-ParyzThe Narration and Visualization of Rape and the Inadvertent Subversion of the Anti-War Message in Brian De Palma’s Redacted and Casualties of WarSokolowskaParyz.pdf
77124_1-2Critical Essay Gary Grieve-Carlson“The House-top”: Melville’s Poem of ForceGrieveCarlson.pdf
77224_1-2Critical Essay Alireza FarahbakhshThe Anti-Modernist Quality of Ezra Pound’s The Fifth Decad of Cantos (Cantos XLII—LI)farahbakhsh.pdf
77324_1-2Critical Essay Walter JonesGender as Colonial Exploitation in French Indochina: Concubines in Selected Pre-1965 Novels Published in or Translated to EnglishJones.pdf
77424_1-2Critical Essay Pinaki RoyPoet in Khaki: Alun Lewis and his Combat WritingsRoy.pdf
77524_1-2Critical Essay Casey Dué / Mary EbbottMothers-in-Arms: soldiers’ emotional bonds and Homeric similesDueEbbott.pdf
77624_1-2Critical Essay Christopher P. WilsonRidiculous Impingements of Normalcy: Home Fronts, Good Soldiers, War CorrespondentsWilson.pdf
77724_1-2Critical Essay Travis L. MartinReality and Anti-Reality in WWI and WWII MemoirsMartin.pdf
77824_1-2Critical Essay Chloë HughesSwords into Words: Transformational War Literature for Young PeopleHughes.pdf
77924_1-2Critical Essay Ann EliasCamouflage and SurrealismElias.pdf
78024_1-2Critical Essay Maureen RyanInterpreters of Violence: Novels and Memoirs about Female Journalists of the Vietnam WarRyan.pdf
78124_1-2Critical Essay David KramerStrains of Failed Populism in Stephen Crane’s Spanish War StoriesKramer.pdf
78224_1-2Critical Essay Ty HawkinsVietnam and Verisimilitude: Rethinking the Relationship between “Postmodern War” and NaturalismHawkins.pdf
78324_1-2Commentary Claudia HoneywellPhiloctetes in IraqHoneywell.pdf
78424_1-2Commentary Philip BeidlerRalph Vaughan Williams’ Long Journey Out of WarBeidler.pdf
78524_1-2Commentary W.D. EhrhartPaul Fussell: A RemembranceEhrhart.pdf
78624_1-2Commentary Andrea Trocha-Van Nort Remembering Daniel Pearl, or West vs. Westvannort.pdf
78724_1-2Commentary Gregory M. DandelesLiberia’s Fourth EstateDandeles.pdf
78910_sIntroduction James H. Meredith and Patrick K.  Stephen Crane in War and Peace, introductory essay Introduction.pdf
79010_sCritical Essay Christopher BenfeyTwo Cranes, Two HenrysChristopherBenfey.pdf
79110_sCritical Essay David TraxelStephen Crane & Richard Harding Davis—An Unlikely FriendshipDavidTraxel.pdf
79210_sCritical Essay John ClendenningVisions of War and Versions of ManhoodJohnClendenning.pdf
79310_sCritical Essay James B. ColvertUnreal War in The Red Badge of Courage JamesBColvert.pdf
79410_sCritical Essay  Thomas Bonner, Jr.Experience and Imagination: Confluence in the War Fiction of Stephen Crane and Ambrose Bierce  ThomasBonnerJr..pdf
79510_sCritical Essay John C. OrrA Red Badge Signifying Nothing: Henry Fleming’s Corporate Self JohnCOrr.pdf
79610_sCritical Essay Benjamin F. FisherThe Red Badge of Courage under British Spotlights BenjaminFFisher.pdf
79710_sCritical Essay Donald Vanouseatastrophe Theory and Character Transformation in The Red Badge of CourageDonaldVanouse.pdf
79810_sCritical Essay Randal W. Allred“The Gilded Images of Memory”: The Red Badge of Courage and “The Veteran”RandalWAllred.pdf
79910_sCritical Essay Patrick K. Dooley“A Wound Gives Strange Dignity To Him Who Bears It”: Stephen Crane’s Metaphysics of ExperiencePatrickKDooley.pdf
80010_sCritical Essay Robert M. Myers“The Subtle Battle Brotherhood”: The Construction of Military Discipline in The Red Badge of CourageRobertMMyers.pdf
80110_sCritical Essay William E. NewmillerThe Color of War: A Computer Analysis of Color in The Red Badge of Courage WilliamENewmiller.pdf
80210_sCritical Essay  Jacqueline Tavernier-CourbinHumor and Insight through Fallacy in Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage JacquelineTavernierCourbin.pdf
80310_sCritical Essay Michael RobertsonStephen Crane’s Other War Masterpiece MichaelRobertson.pdf
80410_sCritical Essay Holger Kersten“The Pace of Youth” and the Phantoms of HopeHolgerKersten.pdf
80510_sCritical Essay Thomas A. GullasonModern Pictures of War in Stephen Crane’s Short StoriesThomasAGullason.pdf
80610_sCritical Essay George Monteiro  John Hersey’s Guadalcanal Report: Drawing on Crane’s War  GeorgeMonteiro.pdf
80710_sCritical Essay Michael SchaeferLife During Wartime—and After: Thoughts on Stephen Crane’s Spitzbergen Tales MichaelSchaefer.pdf
80810_sCritical Essay Charlotte RichNora Black and The New Woman in Active ServiceCharlotteRich.pdf
80910_sCritical Essay  Patricia I. HeilmanStephen Crane’s Images of War in Fiction and Nonfiction PatriciaIHeilman.pdf
81010_sCritical Essay  Patrick K. DooleyStephen Crane: An Updated Annotated Bibliography of Secondary ScholarshipPatrickKDooley(2).pdf
81425_1From The Editors Desk Donald AndersonSoldier Artists: Preserving the Worldanderson.pdf
81525_1Special Feature Ben FountainSoldiers on the Fault Line: War, Rhetoric and Realityfountain.pdf
81625_1Memoir Brian DuchaneyThe Man I KilledDuchaney.pdf
81725_1Memoir Bonnie CostelloInventory: Encounter with a Father's Memories of WarCostello.pdf
81825_1Memoir Louis Ferraro DeretchinTwo Armies, One FamilyDeretchin.pdf
81925_1Fiction Elliot SandersFar From KansasSanders.pdf
82025_1Fiction Edward DesautelsThe Rapture of Sorrowful ThingsDesautels.pdf
82125_1Fiction Robert EarleFrom the Truman BalconyEarle.pdf
82225_1Fiction Mike DiChristina1001 Ways to DieDiChristina.pdf
82325_1Fiction David J. MorrisThe CounterfactualistMorris.pdf
82425_1Fiction Olivia Kate CerroneWho's Crazy?Cerrone.pdf
82525_1Fiction Roman SkaskiwConvoy HomeSkaskiw.pdf
82625_1Editor's Choice Kathleen HarringtonFire and Forgetharrington.pdf
82725_1Critical Essay I E. San Juan, Jr.War in the Filipino Imagination: Filipino Writers in the United States Wrestling with the MinotaurSan Juan.pdf
82825_1Critical Essay I Adam Gilbert"And the fire still burns": Vietnam War Poetry, Moral Witness and Winning Hearts and MindsGilbert.pdf
82925_1Critical Essay I Natalie Carter"Always Something of It Remains": Sexual Trama in Ernest Hemingway's <i>For Whom the Bell Tolls</i>Carter.pdf
83025_1Critical Essay I Anna HaiderPat Barker's Liminal Figures of War Trauma: Mr. Hyde, Antiprosopon and CryptophoreHaider.pdf
83125_1Critical Essay I Ezekiel BlackMouthlessness and Ineffability in World War I Poetry and <i>The WasteLand</i>Black.pdf
83225_1Critical Essay I Maureen RyanCracks in the System: Children in Contemporary Narratives about the 1960s in AmericaRyan.pdf
83325_1Critical Essay II Quan Manh HaPower and Gender Relations in <i>When Heaven and Earth Changed Places </i>Ha.pdf
83425_1Critical Essay II Dan AllawatLarry Brown's <i>Dirty Work</i>: Telling the Truth About the Vietnam War Through FictionAllawat.pdf
83525_1Critical Essay II Philip D. BeidlerThe Great Party-Crasher: <i>Mrs Dalloway, The Great Gatsby</i> and the Cultures of World War I RemembranceBeidler.pdf
83625_1Critical Essay II Robert FicocielloCrane's <i>Episode</i> Among Episodes in American War DiscourseFicociello.pdf
83725_1Critical Essay II Kerry SoperThe Comics Go To WarSoper.pdf
83825_1Critical Essay II Kathleen Béres RogersEmbodied Sympathy and Divine Detachment in Crimean War Medical PoetryRogers.pdf
83925_1Critical Essay II David Kramer<i>Imperium in Imperio</i>: Sutton Grigg's Imagined War of 1898Kramer.pdf
84025_1Poetry I HC PalmerTwo Poemspalmer.pdf
84125_1Poetry I Terry HauptmanTwo PoemsHauptman.pdf
84225_1Poetry I Pat Hanahoe-DoschThe Unnamed OnesHanahoe-Dosch.pdf
84325_1Poetry I David CravensvengeanceCravens.pdf
84425_1Poetry I Thomas Bonner, Jr.The NavigatorBonner.pdf
84525_1Poetry I J. T. LedbetterFire Fight: 1970 (Xuan Loc Province)Ledbetter.pdf
84625_1Poetry I Anthony RobbinsHitler in JapanRobbins.pdf
84725_1Poetry I Patrick WalshMeditations of a SniperWalsh.pdf
84825_1Poetry I Tony SimsSoldierSims.pdf
84925_1Poetry I Cahy Linh CheThree PoemsChe.pdf
85025_1Poetry II Bunkong TuonFragmentsTuon.pdf
85125_1Poetry II Martin OttSoldiers in the DarkOtt.pdf
85225_1Poetry II Holly DayTwo PoemsDay.pdf
85325_1Poetry II Brian Thornton10 o'clock NewsThornton.pdf
85425_1Poetry II Gerard BeirneMeditation # 42: The Commotion of My PassingBeirne.pdf
85525_1Poetry II Carol Lynn GrellasAnn Frank's Diary SpeaksGrellas.pdf
85625_1Poetry II Mathew BrennanThe Tigris RiverBrennan.pdf
85725_1Poetry II Amanda NewellTwo PoemsNewell.pdf
85825_1Poetry II Jim PlathCold Harbor, 1864 and Other Songs We Don't SingPlath.pdf
85925_1Poetry II Gbriella R. TallmadgeSuffering SaysTallmadge.pdf
86025_1Poetry III Tara BallardHow Do I Write to You about Minefields?Ballard.pdf
86125_1Poetry III Peter VanderbergLost at Sea: Midnight-0400 watchVenderberg.pdf
86225_1Poetry III Naomi GlassmanJohn's GospelGlassman.pdf
86325_1Poetry III Shitsugane OlemboThe CourtyardOlembo.pdf
86425_1Poetry III M. K. SukachThree PoemsSukach.pdf
86525_1Poetry III David VancilFallen PonyVancil.pdf
86625_1Poetry III R.G. CantalupoFour PoemsCantalupo.pdf
86725_1Poetry III Amy MarengoFirewood PatrolMarengo.pdf
86825_1Author Spotlight Candice L. Pipes<i>Flashes of War</i> by Katey ShultzPipes.pdf
86925_1Author Spotlight Thomas G. Bowie, Jr. & Nathan MatlockStories Matter: a conversation with Alex Kershaw Bowie.pdf
87025_1Author Spotlight David Lawrence<i>Fobbit</i> by David AbramsLawrence.pdf
87125_1Author Spotlight M.K. Sukach<i>War Reporter</i> by Dan O'BrienO'Brien.pdf
87225_1Artwork Derek ElandThe Afghanistan Diary Room ProjectEland.pdf
87325_1Creative Nonfiction Ben MamrothShell ShockedMamroth.pdf
87425_1Personal Essay Claudia HoneywellStreet LifeHoneywell.pdf
87525_1Personal Essay Frank LightThree Times a CharmLight.pdf
87625_1Commentary Caleb S. CageOn ChickenshitCage.pdf
87725_1Commentary Katherine PlichtaRemembered and Reimagined: <i>The Literature of War</i>Plichta.pdf
87825_1Commentary Daniel ClaytonThey were soldiers, just like us..Clayton.pdf
93126From The Editor's Desk Donald AndersonYou Can’t Come Home Again: Phil Klay’s <i>Redeployment</i>Anderson.pdf
93226Memoir Wayne Karlin Excerpts from the Memoir of Trần Văn Thủy Karlin.pdf
93326Memoir John Balaban Saying Goodbye to General Giap Balaban.pdf
93426Memoir David A. WillsonTet, Seattle, February 1968 Willson.pdf
93526Memoir Jason Arment A Bridge to Nowhere Arment.pdf
93626Memoir Deborah DeFrank The Jacket DeFrank.pdf
93726Memoir Gloria DycThe Ceremony Dyc.pdf
93826Memoir Nolan Peterson ScarsPeterson.pdf
93926Memoir Marc Levy Klinic in Zurichberg Levy.pdf
94026Memoir Robert Joe Stout The War in Words Stout.pdf
94126Fiction Andrew Slater The Cold Slater.pdf
94226Fiction Elliot Ackerman Hometown Heroes Ackerman.pdf
94326Fiction Gerard J. Carisio ResolvedCarisio.pdf
94526Fiction Steven McGregor By the Aqueduct McGregor.pdf
94626Fiction Dennis Kennedy Underway Replenishment Kennedy.pdf
94726Fiction Frank Scozzari Too Old for WarScozzari.pdf
94826Fiction J. Alan Montrose OrdersMontrose.pdf
94926Fiction J. Malcolm Garcia What Do You Do?Garcia.pdf
95026Creative Nonfiction Paul Van Dyke A Sliver of BlueVanDyke.pdf
95126Editor's Choice Kathleen Harrington<i>Sparta</i>: a conversation with Roxana RobinsonHarrington.pdf
95226Special Feature Roxana RobinsonSpartaRobinson.pdf
95326Author Spotlight Matthew Hefti <i>The Long Walk</i>: a conversation with Brian CastnerHeftiInterview.pdf
95426Author Spotlight Jesse Goolsby <i>The Book of Duels</i>: a conversation with Michael GarrigaGoolsby.pdf
95526Artwork Giuseppe Pellicano Left. Left. Left, Right, LeftPellicano.pdf
95626Artwork Ed Drew Afghanistan, Combat Zone TintypeDrew.pdf
95726Poetry I Michael Casey deploy deployCasey.pdf
95826Poetry I Michael Shorb Gods of WarShorb.pdf
95926Poetry I Joseph Bathanti Two PoemsBathanti.pdf
96026Poetry I William Mullen Eight TurnersMullen.pdf
96126Poetry I Herbert EnglehardtFive PoemsEnglehardt.pdf
96226Poetry I Kerry Rawlinson In Flanders’ Shadow (plus artwork, original photos by Nathan Jones)Rawlinson.pdf
96326Poetry I Amanda Nowakowski The WarNowakowski.pdf
96426Poetry I Brandon Courtney Malaria Tent, Pleiku, 1964Courtney.pdf
96526Poetry I Kya Reaves A Woman at WarReaves.pdf
96626Poetry II Adrie Kusserow Two PoemsKusserow.pdf
96726Poetry II Stephen Gibson WWIIGibson.pdf
96826Poetry II Rebecca Morgan Frank The Last Time I Saw ManilaFrank.pdf
96926Poetry II Brad Kavo The Cliffs of Colleville-sur-MerKavo.pdf
97026Poetry II E.M. Schorb The Bosian CherrySchorb.pdf
97126Poetry II Kevin Boyle UnruhBoyle.pdf
97226Poetry II John Guzlowski Two PoemsGuzlowski.pdf
97326Poetry II Brian Pals Something about an eyelashPals.pdf
97426Poetry II Bonnie Maurer The Poem Stands on its Head by the WindowMaurer.pdf
97526Poetry III Tim Lynch Living in the Killing Fields: In the Tank to Phnom PenhLynch.pdf
97626Poetry III Charlie Bondhus Two PoemsBondhus.pdf
97726Poetry III donnarkevicBurying the War DeadNarkevic.pdf
97826Poetry III Benjamin Goluboff The Fairy Fleet at FredericksburgGoluboff.pdf
97926Poetry III Jesse Morales Map of LeavingMorales.pdf
98026Poetry III Majda Gama Two PoemsGama.pdf
98126Poetry III Matthew Boulay Two PoemsBoulay.pdf
98226Creative Nonfiction Nicholas Mercurio LuckyMercurio.pdf
98326Creative Nonfiction Lyra Hilliard When I Have Your WoundedHilliard.pdf
98426Creative Nonfiction Matthew James Babcock My Nazi DaggerBabcock.pdf
98526Creative Nonfiction Thomas Simko The Long GoodbyeSimko.pdf
98626Personal Essay Michael Caligaris ShoeboxCaligaris.pdf
98726Personal Essay Trish Gwynn MineGwynn.pdf
98826Personal Essay Micah Fields Zeh Mutaasif YumFields.pdf
98926Personal Essay J. Scott Smith Poly TraumaSmith.pdf
99026Critical Essay I Candice L. Pipes The Impossibility of <i>Home</i>Pipes.pdf
99126Critical Essay I Thomas Vargish Postmodern AuthorityVargish.pdf
99226Critical Essay I Travis L. Martin War, Witness, Modernisn and David Jones’s Subversive VoiceMartin.pdf
99326Critical Essay I John Savoie Sniping, Psalming, Saving: American Soldier, Biblical Warrior, and the Mysteries of Salvation in <i>Saving Private Ryan</i>Savoie.pdf
99426Critical Essay I Ian A. Isherwood “To fly is more fascinating than to read about flying”: British R.F.C. Memoirs of the First World War, 1918-1939Isherwood.pdf
99526Critical Essay I Jonathan Snyder The “Make-Believe” War: Necessary Fictionalizing in Alexander Gardner’s <i>Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War</i>Snyder.pdf
99626Critical Essay I Alison M. Johnson Sam Hughes as a Second Generation Trauma Victim in Bobbie Ann Mason’s <i>In Country</i>Johnson.pdf
99726Critical Essay II Christopher Barker Hemingway’s <i>Death in the Afternoon</i> and the Fear of Death in War Barker.pdf
99826Critical Essay II Pritha Kundu The Anglo-Saxon War-Culture and <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>: Legacy and ReappraisalKundu.pdf
99926Critical Essay II Ben Townsend On the Front Lines of an Empire: The Rhetoric of Poetry of the First World WarTownsend.pdf
100026Critical Essay II Barbara Kowalczuk My Lai’s “Fucking Flies!”: The Stigmata of Trauma in Tim O’Brien’s <i>In the Lake of the Woods</i>Kowalczuk.pdf
100126Critical Essay II Pinaki Roy Sidney Keyes: The War Poet “Who Groped for Death”Roy.pdf
100226Critical Essay II Sara Deutch Schotland <i>Soldiers of Conscience</i>: The Conscientious Objector as (Anti) War HeroSchotland.pdf
100326Critical Essay II Kevin Foster Deploying the Dead: Combat Photography, Death and the Second World War in the USA and the Soviet UnionFoster.pdf
100426Commentary David Buchanan They Call it the Hajji MallBuchanan.pdf
100526Commentary Julien Mathonnière War tales that blur the lines but extol the truthMathonniere.pdf
100626Commentary Levi Bollinger A Broader ScopeBollinger.pdf
100726Commentary Katherine Plichta The Most Vital PhenomenaPlichta.pdf
100826Commentary Kristin G. Kelly “This Is a Language Made of Blood”: Speaking of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Strip MallsKelly.pdf
100926Reviews ReviewsBooksBookReviews.pdf
101126Memoir Matthew Komatsu31 North 64 EastKomatsu.pdf
101226Poetry III William Varner Three PoemsVarner.pdf
101326Critical Essay I Elizabeth Richards The End of Innocence: The Effects of the Civil War on Children in the Paintings of Eastman JohnsonRichards.pdf
101426Memoir Michael SelzerA Jew Goes To BerlinSelzer.pdf
101526Poetry III Adam Graaf Blackwater Bridge Graaf.pdf
101827From The Editor's Desk Donald AndersonWar ChatterAnderson.pdf
101927Editor's Choice Kathleen HarringtonNo Man’s War: a conversation with Angela RickettsHarrington.pdf
102027Special Feature Brian TurnerThe 9th Annual David L. Jannetta Distinguished Lecture in War, Literature & the ArtsJannettaLandingPage.pdf
102127Memoir Malinda FillingimWars, Newr and FarFillingim.pdf
102227Memoir Adina SipermanArmy WifeSiperman.pdf
102327Memoir Julie Wittes SchlackSignsSchlack.pdf
102427Memoir Alyssa MartinoFree Falling SoldierMartino.pdf
102527Memoir Samuel F. LancktonEveryone BreaksLanckton.pdf
102627Memoir Larry SchreiberNong Chan Camp, 1980 (Rice in her Mouth)Schreiber.pdf
102727Fiction Thomas BonnerFront LinesBonner.pdf
102827Fiction Andrew McLeanSinjarMcLean.pdf
102927Fiction Claudia HauerTake What You GetHauer.pdf
103027Author Spotlight Thomas G. McGuireA Conversation with Brian TurnerMcGuire.pdf
103127Author Spotlight Sean PurioPatrick Hicks’s The Commandant of LubizecPurio.pdf
103227Author Spotlight Thomas G. McGuireA Conversation with Bryan DoerriesMcGuire-Doerries.pdf
103327Author Spotlight Brandon LingleA Conversation with Jesse GoolsbyLingle-Interview.pdf
103427Artwork Brandon LingleThe Art of Richard JohnsonLingle-wArt.pdf
103527Poetry Vincent CasaregolaContrailsCasaregola.pdf
103627Poetry Barbara PresnellHow to Cuss in FrenchPresnell.pdf
103727Poetry David K. VaughanDak To IIVaughan.pdf
103827Poetry Donald WelchTwo PoemsWelch.pdf
103927Poetry Dan O’BrienThree PoemsOBrien.pdf
104027Poetry Levi BollingerSestina for FinnBollinger.pdf
104127Poetry A. M. GwynnBlood and WaterGwynn.pdf
104227Poetry H. C. PalmerResurrection (A Fable)palmer.pdf
104327Poetry Dale RitterbuschFour Poemsritterbusch.pdf
104427Poetry Phillip PittsNo God for DogPitts.pdf
104527Poetry Kassandra MontagTwo PoemsMontag.pdf
104627Poetry Jimmy PappasTwo PoemsPappas.pdf
104727Poetry Greg McBrideResearch Dermatologist and I, the Army PhotographerMcBride.pdf
104827Poetry Kim MalinowskiGreat UncleMalinowski.pdf
104927Poetry Michael H. LevinBougainvilleLevin.pdf
105027Poetry Christopher LockeEcotours, Ltd.Locke.pdf
105127Poetry Adam GraafTwo PoemsGraaf.pdf
105227Poetry D. A. GrayNegative SpaceGray.pdf
105327Poetry William HudsonAfter NamHudson.pdf
105427Poetry Anne HohensteinWhen They Found YouHohenstein.pdf
105527Poetry Lisa Gray FisherThe DoubleFisher.pdf
105627Poetry P. H. CrosbyFrench’s Field IICrosby.pdf
105727Poetry Taylor CollierMutilations: CusterCollier.pdf
105827Poetry Amber AdamsMedevacAdams.pdf
105927Poetry Aileen BassisVukovar WallsBassis.pdf
106027Poetry Nancy BoutilierSweepingBoutilier.pdf
106127Poetry D. Brian AndersonTwo PoemsAnderson.pdf
106227Poetry David KeplingerThree PoemsKeplinger.pdf
106327Poetry Patrick GordonFull Bird in FlightGordon.pdf
106427Creative Nonfiction Thomas D. PrainoThe Cave of Clay UrnsPraino.pdf
106527Creative Nonfiction Frank LightOld School New SchoolLight.pdf
106627Creative Nonfiction Paul CrenshawThe Hornet Among UsCrenshaw.pdf
106727Creative Nonfiction Juliet BarneyIn ObservanceBarney.pdf
106827Personal Essay J. F. NewmanWhat a Hammer Can DoNewman.pdf
106927Personal Essay Brooke N. KingDogtagsKing.pdf
107027Critical Essay Kathy PhillipsMass Nakedness in the Imaginary of the NazisPhillips.pdf
107127Critical Essay Shane EmplaincourtJoyeux Noёl and Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914Emplaincourt.pdf
107227Critical Essay Martin T. Buinicki and David M. OwensThe Last Campaign of John Brown’s Body: West Point and America’s Forgotten Civil War EpicBuinickiOwens.pdf
107327Critical Essay Matthew HillMichael Casey’s Obscenities: A Critique of Workaday BrutalityHill.pdf
107427Critical Essay Jennifer HaytockWomen’s/War Stories: The Female Gothic and Women’s War Trauma in Helen Benedict’s Sand QueenHaytock.pdf
107527Critical Essay Joyce WexlerThe New HeroismWexler.pdf
107627Critical Essay Vivian ZenariHenry James’s Civil War Stories: The Homefront Experience and War RomanceZenari.pdf
107727Critical Essay Robert MagellaRupert Brooke and Isaac Rosenberg: Myth, Modernity, and the Destabilization of Georgian War PoetryMagella.pdf
107827Critical Essay Sarah Montin“Not Flowers for Poets’ tearful foolings”: First World War Poetry, flowers and the Pastoral FailureMontin.pdf
107927Critical Essay Peter C. MolinA “Phrase Too Cute to Do Our Ugliness Justice”: Portraying “Wounded Warriors” in Contemporary War FictionMolin.pdf
108027Critical Essay Dean KritikosThe Home Front Waste Land: Williams, Zukofsky, and Epistemology after EliotKritikos.pdf
108127Critical Essay Nina H. B. JørgensenResponding to the Effect of the Holocaust in the Present: A Comparison of Narrative Strategies in Time’s Arrow, A Blessing on the Moon, and The ReaderJorgensen.pdf
108227Critical Essay David KramerThe Spanish-American War as a Bourgeois Testing Ground: Richard Harding Davis, Frank Norris and Stephen CraneKramer.pdf
108327Critical Essay Hilary Lithgow“It’s All Good”: Forms of Belief and the Limits of Irony in David Finkel’s The Good SoldiersLithgow.pdf
108427Critical Essay Maria GeigerNo Trench Required: Validating the Voices of Female Poets of WWIGeiger.pdf
108527Critical Essay Ty HawkinsBobbie Ann Mason’s The Girl in the Blue Beret: Aesthetic Experimentation, Evil, and American Cultural Memory of “The Good War”Hawkins.pdf
108627Critical Essay Ross GriffinHistory with a Human Face: Creative Nonfiction and the Oral Histories of the Vietnam WarGriffin.pdf
108727Critical Essay Carlos Villar FlorHappy Warriors in Arms: Aspects of military life in Evelyn Waugh’s Put Out More Flags and Sword of HonourFlor.pdf
108827Critical Essay Laura Dunbar“I can soljer with any man”: The Post 9-11 Renaissance of James JonesDunbar.pdf
108927Critical Essay Rance D. Denton“Most Distant and Most Dear”: Clausewitzian Conflicts in Kipling’s Barrack-Room BalladsDenton.pdf
109027Critical Essay Daniel M. ClaytonWhitewashing WWII Sexual MemoryClayton.pdf
109127Critical Essay Ann EliasObliteration: the camouflaged body, Australia, and photography in modern warElias.pdf
109227Commentary Katey SchultzOn Patriotism & the Language of GWOTSchultz.pdf
109327Commentary Caleb S. CageHeroes and VictimsCage.pdf
109628From The Editor's Desk Donald AndersonTake a Message to RumsfeldAnderson.pdf
109728Special Feature Alex KershawThe 10th Annual David L. Jannetta Distinguished Lecture in War, Literature & the Artsjannetta.pdf
109828Memoir Mike McCallisterA Death in NicaraguaMcCallister.pdf
109928Memoir Barrett BowlinAs IsBowlin.pdf
110028Memoir Martin NaparsteckBefore Going to WarNaparsteck.pdf
110128Memoir Johnathan BurgessChai PartyBurgess.pdf
110228Memoir Bobby BriggsService with a SmileBriggs.pdf
110328Memoir Jeff LoebMeasuring the SeasonsLoeb.pdf
110428Fiction Nazli ArtemiaThe Unicorn Story without an EndingArtemia.pdf
110528Fiction Devin MurphyHow We DisappearMurphy.pdf
110628Editor's Choice Sean PurioTongues, Tables, and Ears: A Conversation with John GuzlowskiPurio.pdf
110728Author Spotlight Nicola BrookeThe Art of the Interview : Svetlana Alexievich’s Zinky BoysBrooke.pdf
110828Author Spotlight Sean PurioCrossings and Connections: A Conversation with Elliot Ackermanpurio ackerman.pdf
110928Artwork Colin HalloranVisual Art as Text: a conversation with WLA’s Art Director Brandon LingleLingle.pdf
111028Artwork Ben BrodyForeverstan: The DrawdownBrody.pdf
111128Poetry Juleigh Howard-HobsonAfter the Whizbang 1917HowardHobson.pdf
111228Poetry Jehanne DubrowThree PoemsDubrow.pdf
111328Poetry Diana Lynn Fesko1968 Windsor Hotel Bangkok Death ValleyFesko.pdf
111428Poetry Dale RitterbuschTwo PoemsRitterbusch soul.pdf
111528Poetry MK SukachRaising the Dogs of WarSukach.pdf
111628Poetry Farzana MarieSonlessFarzana.pdf
111728Poetry Cindy VeachAt the WallVeach.pdf
111828Poetry Randy Brownfighting seasonsBrown.pdf
111928Poetry Christopher MahonPoets for PeaceMahon.pdf
112028Poetry David BublitzCombat PayBublitz.pdf
112128Poetry Corey ThrasherWhat StrengthThrasher.pdf
112228Poetry Brad KavoSilencing Khe SanhKavo.pdf
112328Poetry Allen SteinHenry Fleming’s Faded Red BadgeStein.pdf
112428Poetry Michael EstabrookHeaven and EarthEstabrook.pdf
112528Poetry Elizabeth CrowellBooks in CottagesCrowell.pdf
112628Poetry Alex WalshTwo PoemsWalsh.pdf
112728Poetry Lisa Gray FisherA Walk in the ParkFisher.pdf
112828Poetry Joshua BarnettBlack JackBarnett.pdf
112928Poetry Benjamin GoluboffHo Chi Minh’s Sense of HumorGoluboff.pdf
113028Poetry Lawrence W. SharpPoets at WarSharp.pdf
113128Poetry W.D. EhrhartPraying at the AltarEhrhart.pdf
113228Poetry Stephen CloudMinor Incidents of WarCloud.pdf
113328Poetry Chad GrasmuckOral TraditionGrasmuck.pdf
113428Poetry John BuquoiTwo PoemsBuquoi.pdf
113528Poetry Beth BachmannTwo PoemsBachmann.pdf
113628Poetry Michael BernicchiPaper DunesBernicchi.pdf
113728Poetry Robert HedinTwo PoemsHedin.pdf
113828Poetry Chris HerlingerMourning General GiapHerlinger.pdf
113928Poetry Liz SolmsUndergarmentsSolms.pdf
114028Creative Nonfiction Steven MooreOf CreativityMoore.pdf
114128Creative Nonfiction Sue Newcomb MowrerHow Hiram Really Died and What Came AfterMowrer.pdf
114228Personal Essay Thomas O’GradyThe Things He Carried: An Irish Private in the King’s (Liverpool) Regimentogrady.pdf
114328Personal Essay Ken HrubyDancing and FightingHruby.pdf
114428Critical Essay Travis Martin“Working Through” Societal Trauma in The Last Flight, Heroes for Sale, and All Quiet on the Wester FrontMartin.pdf
114528Critical Essay James ByrneSeamus Heaney, Francisco Goya, and Unveiling the Myth of HistoryByrne.pdf
114628Critical Essay Jonathan LighterMichael Herr’s Lurp TaleLighter.pdf
114728Critical Essay Ezekiel BlackTroubling Glory: The Uncertain Language Shift of World War IBlack.pdf
114828Critical Essay Maureen RyanIntra Species Communication: Memory, Story-Telling, and Football in American Fiction of the Iraq and Afghanistan WarsRyan.pdf
114928Critical Essay Myra MendibleSaving Face: Humiliation, Shame, and the Affective Economy of WarMendible.pdf
115028Critical Essay Jonathan JonesStrangers in the World of the Emotions: Re-evaluating L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Betweenjjones.pdf
115128Critical Essay Christina JarvisDisplaced Trauma and the Legacies of the Vietnam War in Hocus PocusJarvis.pdf
115228Critical Essay Tim WenzellLiterary Conscientious Objector: e.e. cummings and The Great WarWenzell.pdf
115328Critical Essay Shane EmplaincourtUn long dimanche de fiançailles and Remembering la Somme 1916Emplaincourt.pdf
115428Critical Essay Steve Lukits“They that have power to hurt but will do none”: Lying in the Literature of the Great WarLukits.pdf
115528Critical Essay Jeff MorganHemingway and the Cuban Revolution: For Whom the Bell Tolls on the Sierra MaestraMorgan.pdf
115628Critical Essay Cristina PividoriSearching for the Happy Battalion in Times of Crisis: Fraternal Friendships and the Heroic in the Great War Memoirs of Guy Chapman and Charles CarringtonPividori.pdf
115728Critical Essay Shabnam PiaryaeiThe Victory Belongs to LovePiaryaei.pdf
115828Commentary Tyrell MayfieldReflections on RedeploymentMayfield.pdf
115928Commentary Alex VernonField Notes on The Things They CarriedVernon.pdf
116028Commentary James Gleason BishopGrandpa Goes to WarBishop.pdf
116128Commentary Jessica HellmannHigh Skies and Fat HorsesHellmann.pdf
116228Interview Jesse GoolsbyA Group Conversation with Veteran Artists David Abrams, Jerri Bell, Brian Castner, and Colin HalloranGoolsby.pdf
116328Interview Haley Michael Hasik & Eric L. GruverWarrior for Freedom and Souls: Navigator, POW, MinisterHasik.pdf
116428Interview Dale RitterbuschA Conversation with Jane IrishRitterbusch interview.pdf
116528Interview Megan KahnVeteran Homecoming Stories: A conversation with Justin HudnallKahn.pdf
116728ReviewsReviewsFilmslighter fjlm.pdf
116829From The Editor's Desk Donald AndersonCold Waranderson editor.pdf
116929IN MEMORIAM Donald AndersonWill Hochmanin memoriam.pdf
117029Special Feature Sara NovićThe 11th Annual David L. Jannetta Distinguished Lecture in War, Literature & the Artsnovic.pdf
117129Editor's Choice Kathleen HarringtonSara Nović: Girl at Warharrington.pdf
117229Memoir Oliver FergusonMy World Warferguson2.pdf
117329Memoir Steve SobelLEBANON: A Bullet in a Magazinesobel.pdf
117429Memoir J. Malcolm GarciaA Promise to Keepgarcia.pdf
117529Memoir Alicia DefonzoFrance in Junedefonzo.pdf
117629Memoir Steven LiparuloMonday Night Football: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985)liparulo.pdf
117729Fiction MaryEllen BeveridgeOut of Seasonbeveridge.pdf
117829Fiction Jake WolffPlease Explain Mewolff.pdf
117929Fiction Caroline CourecInsigniacouderc.pdf
118029Fiction C.L. MilesDutymiles.pdf
118129Fiction Rolf YngveThe Mouseyngve.pdf
118229Fiction Richard JohnstonDry Socketsjohnston.pdf
118329Author Spotlight Katherine WittImagining War: Ilyse Kusnetz’s Small Hourswitt.pdf
118429Author Spotlight Thomas G. McGuireH.C. Palmer’s Feet of the Messengermcguire.pdf
118529Artwork Brandon LingleA Conversation with Jack Beelerlingle.pdf
118629Interview Bunkong TuonA Conversation with Boa Ninhtuon.pdf
118729Interview Thomas G. McGuireA Conversation with H.C. Palmermcguire.pdf
118829Interview Kelly GriffithA Conversation with Will Bardenwerpergriffith.pdf
118929Poetry Bruce LaderA Tough Day for the Generalslader.pdf
119029Poetry Phillip PittsTwo Poemspitts.pdf
119129Poetry Nancy KnowlesSixth-Grade Homeworkknowles.pdf
119229Poetry Evalyn LeeLighthouse Keeper’s Cottagelee.pdf
119329Poetry Benjamin HertwigStigmatahertwig.pdf
119429Poetry Gerry McFarlandGunner Thinks About Everything At Oncemcfarland.pdf
119529Poetry Gisella FaggiMari Miditirràniufaggi.pdf
119629Poetry Pam BernardBlood for Seedbernard.pdf
119729Poetry Timothy PilgrimWar memorialpilgrim.pdf
119829Poetry Holly DayPlate 23day.pdf
119929Poetry Kyle AdamsonThe Standard Operating Procedure for Wounded Enemy Combatantsadamson.pdf
120029Poetry Brandon MarlonAleppomarlon.pdf
120129Poetry Josh A. BrewerThe Bakeries of Warsawbrewer.pdf
120229Poetry John BarrDeath of a Speciesbarr.pdf
120329Poetry Henry CrawfordRemembering 100 Years of the First World Warcrawford.pdf
120429Poetry Katya LavineDeath, They Saidlavine.pdf
120529Poetry Kathleen O’NeilRedoneil.pdf
120629Poetry John Sibley WilliamsTattoos Fadewilliams.pdf
120729Poetry Kathryn KirkpatrickVietnam, Againkirkpatrick.pdf
120829Poetry Lyn LifshinI Am Old, I Am Sick, I Do Not Want To Die In Auschwitzlifshin.pdf
120929Poetry George LongeneckerVillanelle for Fallen Appleslongnecker.pdf
121029Poetry Jessica Housand-WeaverThree Poemsweaver.pdf
121129Poetry Kate O’NeillNot a Storyoneill.pdf
121229Poetry mick kennedyThe Last Man Standing (Christmas Truce 1914)kennedy.pdf
121329Poetry William ChildressOnce in the Land of the Morning Calmchildress.pdf
121429Poetry Heidi WallisGazawallis.pdf
121529Creative Nonfiction Brian LanceWarplaylance.pdf
121629Creative Nonfiction Howard SkrillHMS Jersey: Absences and Memory from the Battlefields of Brooklynskrill.pdf
121729Creative Nonfiction Roberto LoiedermanHenry’s Holocaustloiederman.pdf
121829Personal Essay Paula BrownPhotograph, Solomon Islands, 1944brown.pdf
121929Critical Essay Gary Grieve-CarlsonTelling the Truth about History: Tim O’Brien’s In the Lake of the Woodsgrieve-carlson.pdf
122029Critical Essay Grace HowardA Lesser Imitation (?): How Redeployment Recalls, Expands, and Departs from The Things They Carriedhoward.pdf
122129Critical Essay Lisa FergusonKilling Them with Kindness: Tim O’Brien’s Rehabilitation of the Violent Vietnam Soldierferguson.pdf
122229Critical Essay Peter MolinFrederick Busch and Annie Proulx: Forebears of Contemporary War Fictionmolin.pdf
122329Critical Essay Grace. E. Miller“Boom / [S]he is not”: Drone Wars and the Vanishing Pilotmiller.pdf
122429Commentary Claudia HauerPhilip D. Beidler, Beautiful War: Studies in a Dreadful Fascinationhauer.pdf
122529Commentary Gary MillsVietnam Memoir as Satiremills.pdf
122629Reviews Booksreviews.pdf
122729Reviews Filmsfilm.pdf
1228Folio20172017 Jesse GoolsbyEditor's Noteeditors note.pdf
1229Folio20172017 Roxana RobinsonPeacerobinson.pdf
1230Folio20172017 Nathalie HandalUne Finhandal.pdf
1231Folio20172017 Julian ZabalbeascoaCatalunyazabalbeascoa.pdf
1232Folio20172017 Marilyn KalletFalling Outkallet.pdf
1233Folio20172017 Steven KistulentzThe Closest We Have Ever Comekistulentz.pdf
1234Folio20172017 Odie LindseyPanoleahlindsey.pdf
1235Folio20172017 John BalabanBack thenbalaban.pdf
1236Folio20172017 Benjamin BuschWildernessbusch.pdf
1237Folio20172017 Steven Mumford5 imagesmumford.pdf
1238Folio20172017 Christian KieferGolden Silence of the Heartkiefer.pdf
1239Folio20172017 Andria WilliamsLegacywilliams.pdf
1240Folio20172017 Sindu SathiFundraisingsindu.pdf
1241Folio20172017 Steven ChurchHit Listchurch.pdf
1242Folio20172017 Lea CarpenterChristmascarpenter.pdf
1243Folio20172017 Maurice DecaulTractiondecaul.pdf
1244Folio20172017 Rachael HanelIn the Balancehanel.pdf
1245Folio20182018 Jesse Goolsby and Katie WittEditor's NoteEditorsNote.pdf
1246Folio20182018 Angela MoralesMammalianMorales.pdf
1247Folio20182018 Dunya Mikhail Plastic DeathMikhail.pdf
1248Folio20182018 Tom Piazza IEDPiazza.pdf
1249Folio20182018 David Chrisinger In the Shadow of an Unanswered QuestionChrisinger.pdf
1250Folio20182018 Gina Herrera Artist Statement and SculptureHerrara.pdf
1251Folio20182018 Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams Songs for GhostsAbrams.pdf
1252Folio20182018 Korey Williams Mondays in AutumnWilliams.pdf
1253Folio20182018 Caitlin McGill UncertaintyMcGill.pdf
1254Folio20182018 Teresa Fazio RidgelineFazio.pdf
1255Folio20182018 Natalie Lovejoy Artist Statement and MusicLovejoy.pdf
1256Folio20182018 Whitney Terrell excerpt from The CrossroadsTerrel.pdf
1257Folio20182018 Helen Benedict Snapshots of Hate and Resistance: Charlottesville, VA, August, 2017Benedict.pdf
1258Folio20182018 James Mathews Silence All Who Cry OutMathews.pdf